Book Order Update

For the last month we’ve had books shipped in, signed, then mailed back out in a rotation of 20 to 30 per day. They would arrive, I’d sign them, pack them all up and have them picked up the next day for delivery.

And then it all stopped…I figured they were going to my old apartment, and some did, but the lag time seemed off. Then I received an email from the printer:

“Dear Lulu Customer,
As luck would have it, we had a number of machines malfunction last week that put our print delivery times behind. Unfortunately your order is late in printing and shipping.  The machines are back in business and we are working double shifts to catch up.  You can expect your order to ship by next week.
If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Voice team at or contact us at (844) 212-0689.
Thank you for your business and your patience.
Rachel Braynin”
So, I finally got a confirmation from lulu that the last of my books were heading here and would arrive on my doorstep by Wednesday. We already printed out the postage, smacked them on envelopes and are just waiting for the books to get here. So, Wednesday night, Phillip and I will order a pizza, I’ll sign all of them, hand them to him, he’ll put the in the envelopes and seal them and they’ll be out Thursday the 6th and should be in all of your mailboxes Monday. WHEW!
Sorry about that, everyone. I guess in the course of the move I didn’t realize that days had gone by with no boxes being delivered. I should have paid more attention. But, at least lulu is back up and running and we’re a go!
Thanks for being so understanding.


  1. I got it last week, and have been reading it ever since. Thanks!!!! Tell me how to buy a bear. I haven’t been getting much knitting done what with reading your book!

  2. Actually it sounds like the Universe was in rhythm with your move. Keeping the mailing and the boxes out of the moving fray. Now you can deal. Sounds like the publishing industry is still the same as always. Good luck. No worries.

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