Come on, Kids! Get up!

So, I’m sitting here knitting furiously, crazy eyed, up to my ears in stockinette stitches. Finish a teddy bear leg, toss it to the side, humming to myself, “NEXT!” And I’d begin again. Cast on 10, begin with purl row….if you have my pattern, you know the drill.

Suddenly, Phillip comes along side me and says abruptly, “It’s my day off from work.”

“Cool,” I say while counting rows in my head.

“How long will you be knitting?”

“Until there’s no more knitting left to do….” (row four, row five….solid rule in this house. Speak no numbers should I be knitting, you might throw me off).

“Well, I was hoping I could spend the day with you.”

My heart sank. It was really sweet of him to say that, but I had so much work to do. “Dude, I’ve got this knitting I need to do.”

“You’ve been working like this for a month,” he pushes. “I think you can take a day off. Come on, the only thing I wanna do on my day off is SOMETHING with you. Look at this pile over here, man! You’ve earned a day off.”

IMG_2143I spied my little collection of odd and ended bears and I have to admit, it didn’t take long for me to go, “You’re right. Let’s go.”

We took to the Urban Trail, a 3 or 4 mile paved bike way behind the busier streets of Orlando, curling and turning into neighborhoods I never knew existed. It swirled behind major shopping centers, through the Science Center, up to Mead Botanical Gardens, where it dropped us just short of Park Avenue.

“Well, we’ve made it this far, let’s keep going!” And so we did. If you know nothing of Park Avenue in Winter Park, you’re missing out. A swank strip of boutiques and bistros that cater to a crust I shun from….but, it is a lot of fun strolling the road, looking so unfashionable. 🙂 Me in my redneckishness (new word! Use it!), sweaty and big, bad teeth smile, passing debutantes and boys groomed for daddy’s company. Such fun!

I had taken my camera, but Phillip and were so involved in enjoying ourselves as we dashed into book stores and quaint little curio shops with over priced rocks, that I totally forgot to take a picture until the very end of our journey. 4 hours in the hot 115 degree sun, and one minute away from heat exhaustion, we opted to take the Sunrail back home….It’s only one stop, sure, but damn that took a good 20 minutes off our bike ride home…. and the air conditioned car felt soooo goooood.

IMG_2164While waiting for the train is when I snapped this. Look at us! Burnt in the face and over heated, exhausted, but truly having the best time. Our forced smiles scream, “Someone help us!” 🙂

Now home, we’re spending the evening in front of Great Britain. It’s a little thing we do. We’ll watch Father Ted, Miranda, Being Human, Keeping Up Appearances, and of course, round the evening out with a little Vicar of Dibley while having Shepard’s Pie. It’s our way of taking long adventures close to home.

The moral of the story? Kids, sometimes you have to let the knitting go, otherwise you’ll sit and dream, but never actually do. So, balance is key. Knit all you want, but when your mind starts to scream for action, by all means, get up and go! Find some little fun in a bike trail, in the close company of a loved one, in the laughter of a Brit-Com. Put the yarn down for a second and remember why you knit in the first place….to be a part of life, not to detach from it.

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  1. Sounds like great fun, and a great commentary on Life! Glad to know you have a bike again (old or new or whatever…I don’t remember ever hearing the end of that saga). Cheers to you and Phillip! 😀

  2. Great blog post, Patrick!! So glad you kicked over the traces to spend the day in fun and frolic. You’ve set a good example for me, as I wind down yet another day of work at my loom.

  3. A teacher I had once in college said that when you work hard, you need to play hard. Glad you are living up to that! Cheers!

  4. You capture what we all want to say- and think! Thank you for your honesty and inspiration! I live in Canada but have a home in Clearwater Beach and still think of us as neighbours. You inspire me to be a kinder more understanding person. I must get your book… I love your blog, what’s not to admire about the ‘whole’ you! In just a short time of reading your life journey, you have given me much insight into my life path. Don’t lose your blog and messages that you deliver to all of your followers! Knit on !!!

  5. You both look a little crispy around the edges. Sounds like it was a grand day in all. Glad to hear that Phillip was able to get you to step away from the needles for a bit. And tell him he looks a little redneckish too with you both in caps…lol. (Nice change once in a while from the dew rag!) Just kidding. Kudos to Phillip for wanting to go adventuring, and kudos to you for being smart enough to stop and listen to him. 🙂

  6. Good advice…advice I need to hear often since I am profoundly talented at keeping my nose to the grind stone, forgetting that I can actually work AND play sometimes!

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