I Can See Myself Knitting Here….

IMG_2231IMG_2179IMG_2187IMG_2214IMG_2210IMG_2171IMG_2173IMG_2192unnamedWe were up just short of the crack of dawn. We usually are, but I was adamant that we beat the rising sun today. No lounging about. No sleeping in. We HAD to go.

Now, we’re usually up and awake by 5:30am, but if Phillip has the day off, he tends to take in as much sleep as he can get. I was having no part of it today. Hell no! We HAD to go.

I made the decision that with Phillip having two days off a week, I would also take those same two days off so I could spend time with him. Otherwise, I’d sit here in this chair and knit and knit and knit, leaving him to himself. Now, that’s no way to have a relationship. So, henceforth, his days off are mine. I could use a day or two in a week to put the needles down and run around with my pal. So! I decided that today we would go to Leu Gardens, a massive 50 acre botanical garden blended with all the elements of this part of Florida: part antebellum, part sub-tropical, and oddly enough, part English country side. With Phillip taking such an interest in medicinal herbs these days, he was also equally excited. And I have to admit, he always grins big when I say, “Hey, let’s spend the day doing something together,” for I know he feels he looses me when I pick up a skein of yarn. (I need to work on that).

Quick breakfast of coffee, cantaloupe, and cottage cheese. Out the door on our bikes to hit Leu Gardens, which is only a mile away. We were determined to get there the moment they open in the morning. The last thing we wanted was to wander 50 acres in the hot and humid 100 degree weather. So, smart plan. Get there first thing while it’s still only in the 80’s. (I took a rosary with me, but more on that another day).

For $10, it can’t be beat. What a gorgeously wonderful place. And! I learned that the first Monday of the month is free. And as we moved through the greens, passing bamboo as high as sky scrapers, rose gardens that would have made the Queen of Hearts demand someone’s head, and small cottages painted white that screamed of cozy living, I could not help but think I could come back here often once it’s much cooler, find a bench beneath the camellias, and knit for a day. Yes, I could knit here, in the sun, in the whirring, zipping of bees, beneath the soft rustle of the tree’s leaves as they bend to yield to a cool breeze. I could definitely knit here, I kept thinking. One of these benches I plan to claim as a place for meditation while knitting up teddy bears, being alone in the hushed hurl of sunbeams. I’m looking forward to that.

I love the picture of Phillip. He looks like a giant, 6 foot 3 boy scout.

We spent nearly 2 hours there, and skipped a huge chunk of the property only because it had gotten awfully hot. So, we ventured home where I found the most delightful email in my inbox. Jody May (in the UK) had written an article about me for her local newspaper. The Herts and Essex Observer. She runs her own blog called “A Handmade Cottage,” filled with the same sort of vibrancy and coziness I found at Leu Gardens. I can’t wait to get a copy of that newspaper! So, be sure to check out Jody’s blog. And be sure to check out her post on Titchbourne Cottage in Shropshire. I could definately knit there, too 🙂

In the sunlight, that’s where I want to knit, where the sunbeams scream to me, “hush, now, and be quiet for a moment and simply listen….”

I have about 15 copies left of my first edition, autographed copies of of Will Knit For Food.

willknitcoversmallThis is the story of how I knit my way out of homelessness. To order an autographed copy of “Will Knit For Food” click here, or for a Limited Edition personalized, signed paperback copy with t-shirt, click here.

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  1. Awesome! I’ll be in Orlando in September and this will be on my list of things to do. I’ll look for you near the camellias!

  2. You are rapidly on your way to becoming a very wise man! I love your blog posts for so many reasons. Thank you so, so much for shariong your journey with us all!

  3. It looks absolutely beautiful there! Very sorry to hear about change on your anniversary, but I understand. I’m sure there will be many of us supporting you with your endeavors. I hope you will continue the blog. We would so miss you!!

  4. I so enjoy your blog! I came home from a 2 week vacation to Washington and Oregon to find my copy of your book in the held mail! I’m looking forward to reading it soon! BTW, lots of wonderful places to knit in both Washington and Oregon!

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