8PM Bliss

First? I can’t thank all of you enough for the support and prayers. That means so much to me. The outpouring of encouragement is enough to humble someone. And trust me, I could definitely feel it.

So, after I wrote my post on Monday, I got my antibiotics and started taking them at noon. Here we are two and a half days later and I feel a LOT better. I can’t eat massive solids, but the pain is definitely withering down to almost non existent. I’ve been eating a lot of soup. Tried to move up to crackers, but eh, not so fast. So, I just let them dissolve into the soup. Tried some cheese, and that works better, but for now? I’m ok with exploring the nifty world of soup. (I pureed the lentil soup to make it easier and man, that was delicious). Been drinking lots of chamomile just to mellow out, and that with a hot bath, while reading Calvin and Hobbes is one knitter’s bliss. Now, all we have to do is wait to have the extractions, which the earliest will be next Wednesday….. or the Wednesday after, depending on how finances go. Then? Then it’s denture time. Wow…..

Oh, well. Time to pony up, be a man and accept it. It’s amazing to me that of all the hardships I have stared at and conquered, this whole business with my teeth terrified me to no end. Not so much anymore, not since I’ve accepted the inevitable and decided to embrace it. I keep thinking on the positive side. That’s what I do best. I do my best to remain optimistic. Within a month my mouth will be repaired enough to have a steak dinner…..and all the Jelly Bellys I damn well please.

And speaking of knitting, my productivity has been a lot better, too. Without the distraction of a nail being hammered into my jaw, I actually have gotten a LOT more knitting done. Got lions and tigers and bears, oh everywhere.

So, just wanted to thank all of you for the prayers! Just wanted to let you know that they were heart felt. Thank you!

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  1. So glad to hear you’re feeling a little better! Continued good thoughts as you prepare for you extractions and the following recovery.

  2. That is terrific! Antibiotics, ibuprophen for pain and warm salt water rinses are the tickets to getting your infection cleaned up and getting you comfortable. So glad that you are feeling better!!!!

  3. After suffering and lying to myself too long, I went the route of total removal at about the age of 45, I can and do relate to your journey. I finally got so tired of people telling me what I should have done, that became the test to find my dentist. It’s not how I got here, but where I go next. My last removal was 10 teeth at the surgeons and being fitted for my denture on the same day. My only advise is tell people you love them in advance, apologize for not being more social, stock up on old movies to sleep through, and do what your body says to do. Believe me, if I could go through it, you can. You are much stronger than I am. Sending you strength.

  4. Hang in there Gregory, it DOES get better. Just keep reminding yourself that once this is all over, you’ll never have to suffer through the awful pain of a toothache again …never, ever, ever!!! I’m so proud of you for overcoming your fears and facing the music head on. Another plus side to getting those teeth out is that rotting teeth can cause gum disease and that will eventually affect your heart in a bad way, so best to avoid that as well.

  5. Good news. Dentists can be scary but please keep your appointment and have this done, you will feel so much better. Personally I like going to the dentist, they have fascinating tools, little tiny files and things.

  6. Ooh I am so glad that pain has died down – there is nothing like it! One of my chemo drugs – years ago – caused my teeth to break and crumble – I remember chatting to a stranger on a train (now there’s a good title for a book, film or something…) and a piece of tooth came away at the back – I couldn’t swallow it, or spit it out in front of her….I had to hold it in between my lip and lower front teeth – like a pelican. For the rest of the journey I could tell she was curious as to why I’d developed a curious Marlon Brando/Godfather like speech impediment….
    Make sure you get the bad ones out – I have still got some infection with one of mine – the dentist can’t pinpoint it – and it does not give me acute pain, but dizziness, a bad taste, fatigue, palpitations – not all the time, but you will feel heaps better as at present your immune system is going into overdrive just for your teeth! x

  7. Having only become to know of you through your blog (I’m a crocheter), I feel like you’re a decent guy and you will overcome the bad things life throws at you. You’ll get through the bad teeth and pain too. 🙂 I’m keeping a good thought for you.

  8. So so sorry for your pain, my heart goes out to you after everything else you’ve gone through. It sounds like you are slowly doing better but I wanted to mention many dentists will give a few pills for anxiety so you can sleep and not pass out with fear at the appointment. You don’t need to suffer anymore, enough. I’ll be thinking and praying for you.

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