As Autumn Releases the Inner Knitter

That must be one of the coolest things about autumn…..errr, pun intended!

As the temperature slowly drops to allow the relief of crisp air, we start getting cozy, don’t we? We start baking, we start heading for the couch to collapse under a comfy afghan to binge watch, and we start knitting like crazy. Maybe it’s a nesting thing, maybe its the idea that we need to start busting out Christmas gifts for loved ones, or maybe it’s just because we’re gonna need warm socks for the coming winter. Whatever the reason, autumn is definitely the knitter’s season.

IMG_2309I’m going to be busting out teddy bears until well into December so I can get my teeth fixed before the new year. Others start knitting up sweaters and socks, or scarves and cowls. Everywhere you step, you start to see the inner knitter in many people begin to show themselves. In cafes, park benches, and bus stops, Fall calls to the nesting crafter to start your projects for the season. And the best part? New knitters emerge, ready to embrace this meaningful craft in innocent ways: they want to give out handmade Christmas gifts, and are ready and willing to learn the stitching and purling needed to make that happen.

So, let’s all make sure to knit more and more in public as the Knitter’s Season approaches. Say hello to your fellow knitters, and encourage new ones that ask questions. Make new knitting friends along the way, and share your needles with those in need of a lesson. And above all else, smile and remember our craft is one of giving 🙂

Now, go grab a cocoa and cast on!

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  1. I love your posts, I agree the fall is one of the best for knitting. Everything about fall is awesome especially the knitting wishing you a very happy and good fall and holidays. Can’t wait to see the other bears you put out. Take care and many blessings. 😉

  2. Yes it’s true, I go through those urges to knit & crochet every fall myself. It’s even more apparent in Canada, where the fall and winter are much cooler than in Florida. I also believe that it’s kind of a nesting behavior, as most of us don’t spend as much time outdoors during the winter months. I’m always looking for opportunities to pass along what I’ve learned to others who are eager to learn. If we don’t all make an effort to do that, our craft will one day become obsolete.

  3. One of the great things about knitting in public is that so many people gravitate to you. You end up making more friends, learning about people’s lives, opening up your world in almost unimaginable ways.

  4. Boy, if that isn’t the truth! Between all the holidays coming up and winter, there isn’t enough hours in the day, to get all the projects started, let alone finished. It’s my favorite time of year as I watch the trees turning all their beautiful vibrant colors. It energizes my muse for new designs, new colors, etc. Yeah, for Fall!! Too bad it isn’t the longest season of the year! Knit on, my friend! 🙂

  5. I so agree with you. We had temps in the 40’s last night that had us bringing out the blankets. Just a few days ago, we were barely able to tolerate a top sheet. I sleep better snuggled down in the blankets so it’s all good.

    The knitters and crocheters seem to come out of nowhere. I used to have a group once a week at lunch time but attendance petered out and it ended. I am feeling like starting a lunch time knit and munch at work. One, it makes me walk away from my desk at lunch so I take an actual break. Two, it gives me a chance to re-connect with my tribe.

  6. I love knitting out in the open. But often, when I bring some knitting with me to do before a meeting or a Bible study begins, people make comments about “well, look at ‘er go with those needles!” I agree that knitting needs to become more visible. And back in the day before much of what we wear was machine knitted in a factory, a woman was never anywhere without her knitting or without her crocheting that bit of lace trim for clothes. Today, the sight of knitting needles and crochet hooks in public places or in private meetings is such a novelty. Loved your post.

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