Let Them Eat Pâté….

So, I’m nearly done with all of the bears from a few months ago when the Yahoo Makers article came out, and I have to say I have had the best time being creative. I’ve done everything from a Pyrenees dog, to a purple striped tiger, to a dark teal bear for a sports fan. It was cool to get to try different things for a while. So, with those almost nearly finished, we’ll be heading into November with a slew of bears with sweaters. Sure! This wonderful, delightful darling named Hope sent me a massive stash of yarn, perfect for knitting up teddy bears with sweaters, hats and scarves. Perfect for winter. I’m going to be busting out quite a few of those to save up the money to get my teeth fixed.

I’ve been eating a lot of soft foods. LOTS of eggs and grits, beans, sauteed okra and squash and tomatoes, hummus by the spoonful (the pita is too tough to eat) cottage cheese with salt and pepper, and I recently discovered that yes, I can eat pâté!

🙂 Ok, so it’s probably not something I can eat an awful lot of, because it is expensive, but truly, a nice chunk of it was less than $5 and lasted me a good two meals. Funny….a poor man and his pâté. I have been looking into maybe supplementing my diet with some Boost or Ensure, for my weight has dipped back down to about 120.

So, keep looking for new bears (and other beasts) in my shop. I’ll be listing them there as I complete them. I’m also working on the elephant pattern to list, too. Hopefully, I’ll be able to raise the money to have my teeth fixed by Thanksgiving. But, even if I can’t, I’ll still look forward to sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, and I’ll just shift my goal to the end of the year.

Man, I just made myself hungry….What I wouldn’t give to have RIBS right now. Man….RIBS!!!!

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      1. Gregory, that is the BEST way to eat them. I like my eggs just a touch crisp around the edge of the whites. Toss some butter on there and smash away. Yum!!!

  1. I definitely recommend the Boost if you can manage it. I have a friend who has jaw (and digestive) problems as well as a weight (lack thereof) problem and she drinks it to keep up her calories. Good Luck

    Also, would love to see any knit dogs you’ve done or are doing!! 🙂

  2. You know, it might be fun if you could post a thermometer on your blog, with the goal being the total cost of getting your teeth fixed, and you could post how far along you are towards reaching that goal as time moves on. I thought it might encourage people who read your blog to buy one of your bears, or your book, or simply to make a donation towards the cost of your dental care.

  3. Greg, eat eggs and peanut butter. They’re good sources of protein and the peanut butter especially will keep your blood sugar up. Refried beans would be good too.

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