There are Good Days, Bad Days, and Pajama Days

We all know that life is full of good days and bad days. And you have to be mindful of them constantly. You have to thank yourself for the bad days, just so you can be reminded of how truly great good days are. But, in the interim, every once in a while, you have to make sure to respect what I call, “Pajama Day.”

I don’t take enough of them as I should. I’ll be in this chair knitting day after day and life around me will pass me by. I wake, I knit, I eat, I knit, I bathe, I knit, I sleep…..thinking about what I’ll be knitting the next day. Every once in a while I decide to take Pajama Day. It’s an easy holiday to observe. But, it is a little self absorbed and selfish,  which is exactly why it was designed. You self pamper in all manner possible, you disregard life around you for a moment, as you put on your favorite pajamas and allow yourself to recharge. I woke up this morning, and before I even had my first cup of coffee, I realized I needed to take a Pajama Day. I knew no cup of coffee was going to motivate me, so why fight it? So, today I’m playing a much needed hooky. No news programs, no documentaries.

IMG_2325Once the little bears in my shop are sold, I’m gonna head to Publix, throw some black eyed peas in the crock pot, put on my pajamas, plop on the couch, and watch a ton of “Marple” on Hulu. I’m gonna turn my phone and laptop off and not feel guilty about it. I’m not going to knit, I’m going to rest. I’m not even gonna write. Phillip is off to do some artwork in his own little space, and I’m sure Mario will crawl up in her own little hidden hole somewhere and tend to herself. (She likes to open cabinets and crawl inside….and yes, sometimes she closes the door behind her). So, I’ll be left alone for a day to just….relax in the best possible way. I’ll get a chance to recharge and break the daily routine that I do so adore, but should I hold onto it so strictly, I’m likely to not enjoy myself. And I do so enjoy this life I’ve been crafting. So, it’s been decided. I’m having Pajama Day. Just a day with me, some peas, a couple of grizzly Agatha Christie murders, and a soul quietly being recharged for the week ahead.

Woo hoo!

Love you all, talk to you tomorrow 🙂




  1. Happy Pajama Day! I need one of those soon…a Saturday or Sunday when I don’t leave the pjs…and subsequently don’t leave the apartment. I read, drink tea and nap.

    Enjoy! And what’s YOUR favorite blackeyed pea recipe?


  2. I loved Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple. And Mr. Stringer was her real life husband Stringer Davis. I have some of her movies on video and my favorite is the one where she’s on a jury, knitting.

  3. hope you enjoy your PJ day, I tend to call them duvet days as I take what ever appeals to me back to bed for the day, and no phone! bottle of water and small pile of fruit and snacks and not move past the bathroom all day! sadly I don’t do it often enough! but my thoughts are with you for yours 🙂 and sweet Mario.

  4. Everyone needs a pajama day dearest. I’ve had my own today. I have worked farmer’s markets for the last two weekends standing on asphalt for 14 hours 6 one day and 8 the next is very hard on the body. I love pajama days and I applaud you for taking one!

  5. our comment is awaiting moderation. 

    Hi, Debbie here. I’m keeping you in pray for your teeth repair abd financing. Please keep me in prayer as the surgeon states I need another riskier back surgery. I still have my little green bear from June’s ankle reconstruct and plan on having him cheer me up after this surgery. Thank you so much. Feel better. Rest well. I love and & HIGHLY recommend Pajama Days. They are the best and we all deserve them so enjoy.


  6. Pajama Day is a semi regular occurrence around here. I plan the easiest meals ever and we use disposable tableware. I watch movies and spin or knit (or not as the mood strikes). I don’t clean, straighten or worry about anything. They truly recharge and refresh.

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