I’m a World Famous Knitter, Bitch

It was one of those one in a lifetime moments where I wasn’t myself. I tend to control (hmmm, really, Gregory?) my aggression. I like to think that I’m a hopeful person, a tolerant person, equipped to handle the barbs thrown at me. My usual response? “Oh, well…”

But, with the arm not working right, and my knitting coming to a close, perhaps I’m a bit more pensive inside. Perhaps I’m a little more inclined to be a touch pissy.

I was coming back from Publix. Wait…..I need to throw the visual in here real quick. I carry a grocery cart. I can’t very well carry a ton of groceries in a bag with a bum arm so I’ve acquired for myself a really cool grocery cart. Yeah! So, see me now, in your precious mind, rough jeans, dirty boots, ball cap and unshaven pulling a grocery cart across the street. Yes, I’ll agree I’m not homeless anymore, but I guess I still look homeless. I know that. I’m terrified of spending money. I don’t shop for clothes. I have what I have and most of it, practically all of it is from Kara’s Goodwill outings.

So, there I am, attempting to cross the most dangerous road in America for pedestrians, with my grocery cart. The light signals for me to cross. I take my lead. However, a woman in a massive SUV of some luxury variety decides she is NOT going to wait for me to cross and comes barreling towards me. She screeches to a halt when she realizes she’s about to run me over, but does not excuse herself, doesn’t apologize, but instead screams out of her window, “Goddamn homeless! Everywhere! YOU ARE IN THE WAY!!!!”

I stopped right there in the middle of the street, turned to her quickly with that sudden stare I learned to make when crossed by a cheating lover and defiantly said with bolstering voice I know frightens people when I’m angry, “I’m a world famous knitter, BITCH!”

I then beautifully finished the walk across the road as she squealed on with a weird face towards her next unsuspecting victim. (Really, she drove on with a pinched up face wondering, “World famous what????”)

There was something defiant in that moment that needed to be cataloged. It was not the best day to demean me. It was not the best day to remind me of my past, nor was it the best day to chide me about my appearance. It was, however, the best day for me to forewarn with a severe inclusion that I have earned my unusual ranks in the arena of crafting. I have worked my ass off to the sacrifice of my physical health, I have pushed hard and worked hard, and knit my scrawny fingers to the bone so much that I am therefore afforded the right to say to anyone of the success I have gained that I have value and that value came from knitting. I have done my part, I have conquered stitched up demons and slayed purled dragons. I have knit my way into this world and have a voice in it. SHE may not know it, but I NEEDED to be reminded of it. So, some interesting part of me that never wanted to scream, screamed back and it felt so good.

It was the testament to myself that I needed. So, I’m a little down, a little out, a little damaged. Screw it. Yeah, it sucks, but dang it. I earned those battle scars. And no one (not even in a frail moment of passing) was going to rob me of that.

Though I have to give up knitting, I stilled earned my little place in the world of yarn. I wasn’t going to be run over. I was going to stand defiantly and remind someone of my worth. No bare notice: I wasn’t going to demand it of them, I was going to REMIND myself of it.

It felt good to say it out loud.

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  1. Good for you, Gregory! Some people need to be taken down a few notches every once in a while and that woman was definitely due for that. Who died and made HER God, anyway? You’ll know you’ve really made it when you feel comfortable buying yourself some half-decent clothing and taking the time to shave, shine your boots & look after yourself a bit before going out in public. You deserve it, you’ve earned it, so hold your head up high and go for broke!

  2. good on you! never let someone demean you just because you (seem to) have less than they do. you don’t have a giant suv – she doesn’t have a circle of friends to cheer her on like you do! nor the guts to answer back….hugs to you!

  3. I can’t even imagine the world that nasty SUV woman lives in where she thinks everything is about her with no regard whatsoever for another human being! God is the only one who should be judging. Very thankful you weren’t run down!

  4. No one gets to make you feel small about yourself, no matter what station you are in at any particular time in your life, but I am glad you screamed it. You’re right, she may not have needed to know it, and you probably did need to be reminded of it, but I do think that in a way she -HAD- to hear it. Because while she’s got the luxury SUV full of crap she probably doesn’t need and maybe didn’t even earn, -you- earned every rank you got and every ounce of respect that people give you. You did not earn her disrespect, nor did you earn the danger that her terrible driving put you in. So ultimately, not only are you are a world famous knitter, you are a class A human being, with a good heart and the drive to pull yourself out of any dark corner.

    If she lost that massive SUV, her jewels, and her home, would she have the same courage? Or would the her that she is now call out to her homeless self in such a tone and put her down? I think that she’d have a hard time surviving that moment, if it were reflected back at her. You will never again look in the mirror and see hopelessness because you’ve been through it before and got out, and now you know that you can again if (heavens forbid) it happened again. Because you are brave, a champion, and a good person willing to work hard. So yeah, you’re a world famous knitter but you’re also a world famous badass. ❀

  5. That woman better ge careful. The crap can hit the fan awfully fast sometimes and while I certainly would never wish it on her, homelessness can come to anyone. I doubt anyone seeks it. You triumphed over it, Gregory. You had every right to yell. She was breaking the law if she didn’t stop and the traffic signals indicated she should. She will ultimately have to answer to “her” God for her lack of compassion and her rudeness – I suspect she will have more than just the incident with you to answer for. Glad I’m not her kid or spouse.

  6. Really! Get those bumper stickers and shirts up on your store and I will buy several!
    How horrible to see the world the way she see’s it. And how wonderful you share your view of it with us. I much prefer your way of seeing life.

  7. You are such an inspiration. I loved reading this post. Damn right you’re somebody and that bitch in her stupid suv needs to get over herself.
    And yes, a magnet. I’m in.

  8. PLEASE get yourself a copy of THE EMOTION CODE by Dr. Bradley Nelson ~ this is an amazing book of how our emotions cause us pain when we haven’t let go of things that are buried so deep and end up causing dis-ease and pain. Your left arm is telling you that you have things you need to let go of. The book is self-explanatory and has charts for individuals to clear and take care of their own health. I clear stuff from myself all the time and for deeper work I am working with an Emotion Code & Body Code practitioner. It will open up and change your life.

  9. Too bad you didn’t get her license plate number. You could post it on FB. I’ll bet you have more of a work ethic in your little finger than she does in her whole body.

  10. Oh well done, we need to know we have a value and no one has the right to take our value away!
    You will always be a knitter, you may not actively knit but you have skills for design and in your wonderful words and honesty.
    Mind you I do like these for insults; http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2015/10/29/14-politely-worded-insults/ may one sock of every pair be slightly twisted and too short! or May all your facebook notifications be game invites!
    Hold your head high and stride forward, trolley and all.

  11. Good for you!! It’s the judgement that is so vile. You have earned “World Famous Knitter” for sure. Shout it from the roof tops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. awesome response and an even more important reminder to yourself how far you have come. In my eyes you are a world famous knitter. *stand to applaud your success*

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