The Common Thread Between Us

I’ve always thought of this road of mine as “ours” rather than just mine, and by that I mean all of you with me. Having you with me has made all of the tribulations easier to manage, easier to handle. And every time I snag Mario to hold her, I’m thinking of you, too.

The message of my blog has always been one of optimism. Hope. And after a minute of pity (yes, I confess, I did feel awful for a good couple of days) I was reminded by the teddy bears off to my side that are about to be boxed and shipped, that determination has always been a strong point of mine. I’m not a quitter. We don’t quit, we don’t give up on hope.

Life has challenges. And we’ve all certainly seen our fair share and will probably see more. And are these the tests that determine our worth? I think so. We push forward. We catalog these moments of harshness and wrap them in hope. We don’t let them destroy us, we allow them to fill us with the ambitions and desires to overcome, move forward, find out what really makes us.

I know the IRS situation can be tamed, can be handled, despite them having decimated me financially, but that will be conquered. Just as every other disaster that has come my way, I’ll handle it, beat it, move forward. And I often try to remind that this has always been “our” journey.  And why? Because we truly do have each other.

I know that many of you have become my friends, my family. But, many of you have learned to know each other, join forces with each other, hold each other in hard times thanks to this blog and the good people that come here to share. Because this blog has always been about hope. You come here to be reminded that you CAN move through the trials of life and know that you are not alone. You come here to share with me and all else who read that life’s degrees of separation are not measured in the number of people, but the common thread those people hold. And here? The common thread is hope.

I, personally, could not ask for a better life line than hope. I could not ask for better company than yours in my good times and bad. So, I thank you all for being here (not for) but WITH me. I thank you all so much for being the presence that allowed me a life. Who knows what would have happened to me had I not had you from the beginning.

We’re going to be fine. We’ll get through this, work through this, and come out thriving and so much stronger than before.

And do you know why? Because we have hope.

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  1. We are all connected, whether through hope or shared energy, and sometimes the universe needs to remind us of that. I wish I could do more but knowing that we’ve helped give you hope is enough for now. Take our energy freely, knowing that you’ve also been so generous with your own. xo

  2. Who knows how many people you have influenced for good with your story and knitting? We need you, knitting needs you. There MUST be a medical explanation for your problem. I first thought of carpal tunnel syndrome but who knows? I hope you can get it checked out. It’s obvious that knitting makes you happy as you use your gift for good. Hang onto your needles and yarn. If you have to take a (prolonged) break then save one last bear for yourself. We all need to be able to hug a teddy bear now and then.You are STILL needed and loved, Greg.

  3. Hi Gregory,

    Knowing that knitting is literally “a pain” for you at the moment have you considered a Go Fund Me campaign for your mouth? Or giving your readers a ballpark number for cost that we can just slap your Donate button and help out? An easy way for your veteran readers to gauge and engage would be something along the lines of “how many bears does it cost to fix your mouth?” Some of us who are already lucky enough to have purchased a bear or two in the past may be willing to donate the cost of a bear without expecting a bear in return–and simply know that it is going in a different way to help.

    Perhaps I’m being too presumptuous of your readership, but if indeed you have over 7.7K likes on FB, even if 1/7 of those contributed $25-$50 out of sheer generousity I believe we might be able to get you a lot closer to the point that you can finally to more than just to “grin and Bear it” and perhaps even take care of yourself.

    Thanks for being so generous with your readers and for sharing so much of your self and your journey with us.

    Good luck!

  4. I wrote this about a year ago. After reading your blog today, I thought you might like this…. 🙂


    It’s a wonderful and miraculous thing.
    Not tangible, but can spring eternal.
    The loss of it can drag one to despair’s deepest depth.
    If newly found, it can give one wings, heavenly bound.

    It’s like a budding plant,
    That when nurtured and fed,
    Will grow and spread unchecked,
    As it takes over the world around it.

    It’s contagious, and comes from the heart.
    You can give it to friends, strangers, even passersby.
    Free to all who will accept such a gift.
    All it requires is to plant the seeds.

    So the next time you meet up with a friend,
    Catch a stranger’s gaze upon the street,
    Talk on the telephone, or say “Hello” to a coworker,
    Smile, for no more reason than to plant a seed….


  5. After a really trying workday, reading this has changed my attitude completely. You couldn’t have picked a better time to say these things. Thank you.
    Yes. Hope. And fellowship here where you have gathered us.
    Thank you.

    1. My husband in back in the hospital- trip number 6 since July – His bear goes with him every time. A message of hope is perfect – “just what the doctor ordered”

  6. I tried responding to your IRS post days ago but my post never appeared. This is a scam! The IRS never contacts you by email. They do not freeze bank accounts. If you go to the actual IRS site you can read about this.You need to contact the authorities.

    1. I called first my banking institution and they did clarify what had happened, then I called the IRS and they were fully on board. Yes, I agree, I would be wary of any email coming from the IRS. But, thank you for looking out for me! And for anyone out there not aware the IRS NEVER sends emails. They do everything in writing. (Hence the letter they sent to my address from 5 years ago that was unanswered.) They did levy my account and had all rights to do so. Once I contacted them, and a payment plan put into place, the account was reopened, but with zero funds.

  7. I would be happy to contribute to your mouth campaign or any other medical bills. I have been moved by your struggle and would love to see you move onto the next step – what ever that is for you and Phillip

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