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I’ve had a lot of responses to my latest blogs and the one comment that arises often is the suggestion that I should start a Go Fund Me campaign.

You know…..I just can’t. I really can’t. And don’t be upset with me with what I’m about to say, but I have, what I think, is a very good reason for not doing so.

Go Fund Me has some truly needing people, campaigns that are heart breaking and worthy of support. Like, Mahalo and Charger. (I’m always hurt in the heart by children and animals in pain). Go Fund Me is a wonderful site that helps people all over the world raise the funds they need to help tackle a dire situation. And there is no way that my conscience would let me start a campaign knowing that there were others who needed the assistance much more than I do.

Yes, I have my IRS problem, my teeth, my arm….but, I have my tenacity. I’m the little guy who has fought hard to rise up and return to civilized life. I have my books, my bears, my patterns, and my donate button. And I would feel horrible taking funds through Go Fund Me from someone in desperate need, when I am still able, with these long bony fingers, to craft, to write. If I can still work, then I can still work hard to bring in the funds I need, while pinching pennies and squirreling away money. If I still have my ambition, then I know I can accomplish anything. If I still have hope, then I know that my life is still solid and grounded. Hope keeps bitterness at bay. Hope keeps compassion close, and anger at arms length.

I have hope that all of those people on Go Fund Me receive the funds they need to get back on track, to help them. And I would feel horrible putting up a campaign when I still have the ability and the capacity to work hard and make my dreams happen with a book, a pattern….and a teddy bear.

I hope you understand. And I hope it doesn’t come across as harsh. I would really feel horrible having a campaign like that when I know there is some poor kid in need of money for surgery, when I still have the ability to write and knit.

I’m a strong little guy. I’ll get through this with the same beautiful strength that has held me up all this time. My abilities. My craft. My writing. Your eyes finding worth in my work. My soul finally connecting with the world at large.

And who knows? If what I plan for my life comes true, then one day I’ll be able to sweep into Go Fund Me and rescue every single person in need of help. Every single one. For now? I’m going to get back to knitting up my work for the day, with my mind solidly on that beautiful future I dream of.

If you appreciate this blog and would like for it continue, please donate!





  1. Gregory, You are a what my grandmother would call “a true gentleman”. Thank you for remaining true to who you are. Yes you will get though this, and you have so many people you have never met in your corner and pulling for you. You do not need to apologize for not doing something that does not feel right for you. But Darlin’ man, that is just one of the many reasons we care about you.

    1. I think people just wanted to find ways for me to be ok. And I can’t thank them enough for that. They were looking for any avenue possible at my ready to help. And that is a blessing. πŸ™‚

  2. Check out ‘knittingparadise.com’.The other day people were writing about arm problems etc and just some ideas about dealing with them. It’s a huge but warm friendly site for English speaking people world-wide.Your writing is lovely, I got notice that your book is en route so I look forward to that.

  3. you show integrity of character. I’m going to donate to the blog once I get home. the name of ‘go fund me’ itself is kind of off putting. when I saw that as the title of the blog in my Gmail headlines I was disappointed but then I saw the content and wow. best wishes on your path. salaam, peace, ayesha

  4. I’m sure most people understand because if we thought about it we would feel the same. Chin up you have come this far and will go on into a bright future. Life is the journey. The destination we can’t avoid but don’t want to arrive too early. Enjoy the journey.

  5. You are a strong man with a HUGE heart and with Mario and now Philip, you will get through this together even stronger and see true family coming together to support you.

  6. It is refreshing to see someone who hasn’t had the easiest life putting others before himself. I wish you good health and happiness for the future. I am half way through your book… Love it!! But, how do I order a bear? Best wishes from Maine. πŸ™‚

  7. You are a very principled person! I admire you for not immediately taking the “easy” way out, BUT I would not think any worse of you if you did eventually agree to use Go Fund Me. You have a lot of hope, spirit, tenacity, principles and mental strength. What worries me is your physical health and that you may be doing your arm some serious damage. I do hope you find a way of getting treatment for it, and for your teeth too. Look after yourself, and all the best!

  8. You are one inspiring guy my dear Gregory. I don’t knit, barely (actually typed bearly) know how to crochet. So once I know you are feeling better, I will buy a bear…in the mean time, I will make a donation! ((((HUGS))))

  9. I sent you a donation to you PayPal account (I think that’s where it went).
    It’s not much as I’m a mother of 4 but, I wanted you to know that someone, somewhere in the big wide world (Australia to be exact) has recognized your struggle & appreciated the content of your blog & posts.
    Thankyou πŸ™‚

  10. Gregory — while GoFundMe isn’t the right answer, because, like kickstarter, it’s “I need to raise X dollars to make a goal”, what you might consider is Patreon, which allows people who continue to read and enjoy your blog and the inspiration it causes so many people (myself included), to contribute a regular tip, even if that amount is minimal — a dollar a month, or something like that. Think of it like a donate button with a recurring option.

  11. I started to complain about the pain in my hands (I have arthritis and tendonitis in both hands–not fun to a knitter) and stopped. I said “there are so many people in more pain than I am. I am actually feeling good. I can’t complain”. The person next to me said something I am trying to remind myself, “just because someone else is in more/different pain or is more in need, doesn’t negate the pain/need you are feeling right now”. All this to say, your needs are every bit as important as the child or animal in pain and you are allowed to ask for help.

  12. Dear Gregory:
    I had to share this with you my daughter is 12 and in sixth grade. Every Friday is share day for her class where they bring something and share it with the whole class. She really wanted to share your bear and your story with her class. So today she took one of your bears with her to share I thought that was just so sweet had to pass on. Hope all is well take care

    1. That is so cool. You’ve got a great daughter to know that Gregory’s story is worth repeating and honoring. I’m all teary eyed and I’m not even Gregory. πŸ’œ

      1. Awe thank you so much I so appreciate it a lot. πŸ˜‰ yeah my daughter is so sweet she is always trying to help and sharing. Thanks so much for the comment it really brightened my day take care and happy holidays πŸ˜‰

  13. After an injury this year, I learned to knit Portuguese/Turkish style. You might find it brings some relief. Best to you!

  14. there is always the option of supporting Gregory’s work by buying his fabulous patterns! All 5 of them found their way into my Ravelry library last week after I read this post.

  15. Hi Gregory,
    I’d like to buy some t- shirts ( you should add some knitting totes) but I can’t find a sizing chart. That would be really helpful. Or maybe it’s there and I’m looking in the wrong place?

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