Strange Friends

So, while I’m busy knitting up orders and boxing them up for Christmas, Phillip approached me and asked, “Can you teach me to knit?”


“Why not????”

“You’re not ready for knitting. I think you need to learn to crochet first.”

Trust me, when it comes to teaching someone how to handle yarns and needles and hooks, it’s best to size them up, know where to begin. His dexterity is horrible, so I immediately realized he needed to learn how to hold everything, how to shape everything, one hook first, before using two needles. Don’t fret! I’m not that cold! I just know where my darling’s strengths are, and he simply isn’t ready for knitting.

So, I sat him down and taught him the concept of amigurami, the Japanese technique of creating shapes in crochet. He fumbled at first, his big hands unable to grasp the crochet hook, nor the yarn, but I watched closely….soon, he had it. I knew he would 🙂 He started making simple round shapes, then elongated ovals, and the next thing I knew, he was declaring himself an amigurami artist and was going to make little “monsters.” (He’s into comic books, superheroes, anime….of course he would make monsters.”

IMG_2371Using buttons for eyes and whatever scrap yarn of mine he could find, he came up with some strangle little things, but I loved them. They were strange, but friendly. Monstrous, but cute. They were strange friends. You love them, despite them being odd or different. Much like you love your strange friends.

He asked, “Do you think I could sell these? You know, to help out with the IRS bill and everything?”

I smiled. My heart dropped, fell down in his hands. That’s why he was wanting to learn. He wanted to take some of the stress off of me. What a beautiful thing to do.

He’s been coming home from work, sitting down and quickly gets to work. He’s over there with his crochet, and I’m over here with my knitting. We’ll be watching, “Murder, She Wrote.” I’ll recommend some soup. “And toss me that afghan, I’ve got a little chill.”

I slyly look over and whisper, “Welcome to the club, man .” 🙂

Take a look at Phillip’s Strange Friends in my shop.



  1. Now my heart has dropped and fallen into your and Phillip’s hands. You are both such beautiful souls! I love the multi-colored Horny Beast and I want one! I’ll buy one when it’s back in the shop, or if you take pre-orders, I’ll pay now and you can ship to me whenever, no rush. In the meantime, I’ve bought another sweet bear, and finally, your book. I’m so excited to read it. Thank you, you’ve made my day with your beautiful post. oxo

  2. They’re so freaking adorable! I love them! Alas I just got back to work from my multiple surgeries or I’d snatch them up! Maybe in a few months….love to you both,
    Debbie Brown

  3. They’re so ‘unusual’ that they’re adorable. Every stocking should have one.
    Between knitting and crocheting, you’ll corner the market! What fun.

  4. Another one has been bitten by the bug. He’ll be making all sorts of critters in no time. I liked expression on Emo’s Dreaded cousin…lol. It is awesome that he wants to help. Some people are more comfortable knitting. Some are more comfortable crocheting. He will grow just as you did; and may or may not pick up knitting needles. Obviously his monstrous critters are a hit as I see they are all sold out like the bears. Big critter hugs to you both. 🙂

  5. I think these little creatures are wonderful and how sweet of Phillip to want to help. I think he’s special and you two are lucky to have found one another. Enjoy each other and the yarn. What fun you must have together!!! Plus it’s relaxing to create I think. I’ve always enjoyed the arts. I’m sure he will be a great seller as you are.

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