Around the World, Then Straight to Bed

So, we’ve come to recognize how cool it is that my patterns, my books, my bears, and now Phillip’s “Strange Friends” have moved from this little apartment in Orlando to all sorts of places across the globe. Do you have ANY idea how amazing that is for a start up like me? We’ve gone to the Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia….and of course, Britain. (I’m awfully proud of that).

IMG_2387While my agoraphobia has me locked softly here (I really don’t mind it), it is awfully cool to see our handiwork move all over the globe. Moments of my intention to promote peace and self sufficiency are seeded all across the planet. And I cannot thank you enough. You’re allowing us to be with you wherever you are, and the story of a man who worked his needles to get himself out of homelessness is retold wherever my bears or Phillip’s “Strange Friends” are held with hope and love. So, thank you for allowing us that particular privileged to come into your far away homes, and your close knit hearts.

Been up since about 2am, was just so anxious to get back to work, I couldn’t sleep. So, off to bed now. I know it’s just shy of 10am, but the big goon is in there still snoring and stealing bed space (He works at a bar as a cook, and sometimes has to work until 2am. The minute he’s home, I can’t help but wake…and…..can’t help but want to go back in there and fall asleep beside him.

Be sure to take a peek at Phillip’s newest Strange Friend.

Can’t wait to see where in the world this one finds a home 🙂





  1. I am lucky enough to provide enough to provide Phillip’s newest Strange Friend a home in California. He makes me smile. My best to you both for a wonderful 2016. Vicki

    1. Boy, I wrote that note this morning before I had my coffee…..but I just wanted you to know how happy I am that Phillip’s turtle will be coming to my house! Vicki

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