We Share Our Needles

So, for the past year I’ve been teasing with what I wanted to do with this blog. Ladies and gentle-fella-knitters….

A online magazine.

Seems simple enough, right? BOO! Not quite, it’s an actually quite the undertaking. Been working on this for a good six months now. And we are almost ready. I’m looking for a launch of February, which is only 2 months from now. February will be the 5 year anniversary of when I sold my first teddy bear.

Yours truly will be editor in chief, will write most of the articles, will broadcast most of the interviews, but a huge amount of the content will come from you. That’s right, I’ll be wanting YOU to write to me and share with me a story idea you might have, and if written well enough, BAM! you’re published. Here’s a little synapse about what I want to do:

For the last 5 years I’ve been blogging “Mad Man Knitting, beginning when I was homeless, and using knitting teddy bears as a means to get back on my feet. As life has moved me into a more stable environment, I’m turning that blog into an online magazine for knitters. The content will still focus on the more resilient aspects of the life of a knitter, including how to buy yarn at a discount, the best places to sell your work, how to deal with the seclusion of knitting daily, and stories on the resilience of people that have used their craft to overcome troubling times. The new blog will begin to feature guest writers, celebrity interviews, streaming video content and a wealth of information that will allow any level of knitter a place to share what they have learned. We won’t be focusing so much on how to do a particular stitch, but what learning that stitch, mastering that stitch, can not only do for your soul, but your self confidence.

I wanted to turn my experiences from homeless to entrepreneur into a valuable resource for people; the things I’ve learned, the things I found I was good at, the things I sucked at (TAXES!) and how to make them better for your craft. So, if you’d like to join me in the new endeavor, click here and take a look.

First order of business? While I’m working up getting all these bears out in time for Christmas, I want any story ideas you might have. If I get enough subscribers, I’ll be able to pay your for your article. So, tell me what you want to write about, tell me about someone that has overcome incredible odds by using knitting as their weapon, or safety net, write to me about what your local yarn shop is doing to get more men in the fray! You can send your ideas to madmanknitting@gmail.com.

I hope you’ll subscribe. This will all still be free to anyone and everyone who wants to come along. But, a subscription will truly help keep this blog evolving into something truly saturated with great content. Videos, live interviews, me dancing on occasion.

So be sure to subscribe, and we’ll take “Mad Man Knitting” as we share our stories, our experiences…..our needles. 🙂




  1. Great idea, will definitely look into submitting a piece at some point…if interested in my writing do pop over to wightstitches.wordpress.com for a sneak peek at some of my articles .. All the very best of luck with your new venture x

    1. “That’s right, I’ll be wanting YOU to write to me and share with me a story idea you might have, and if written well enough, BAM! you’re published.” Interesting! Are you looking for ideas, or actual articles? What rates are you intending to pay contributors?

  2. As one who has worked in publishing for many years, I seriously suggest that you find yourself a good proof reader. It really isn’t possible to proof your own writing and a publication with the minimum of typos and grammatical errors is much more marketable.

  3. I had 3 hours a week of occupational therapy on my hands after a stroke, plilus practice, and couldn’t write. I took a class on continental knitting, I was a thrower. After going home I took out my practice notebook and wrote my name. It was not perfect but better. I love knitting. Used to crochet on the subway. Learned to knit in Jamaica.

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