The Patreon Saint of Knitting

IMG_5671That, of course, would have to be you. Oh, come on, now. Think about it. Look at what you’ve done for me, and what it’s meant. You got me out of homelessness, you fed me, you gave me a career and a life, all wrapped neatly in knitting. But, of course, it goes beyond knitting. It moves into compassion, into hope, into something much deeper than just the hands moving repetitiously to create something.

IMG_5521Much like monks, there is something much deeper and more contemplative to our craft. It isn’t the craft itself, but what the craft can accomplish, not only for the soul, and not only for the individual, but what it can accomplish in human contact, in the courage to be kinder, in the desire to extend to wherever you can a sense of peace and soulful connection. There is a prayer in our stitches, a divine communion in our knits and purls that can bring a greater change, not necessarily because of the projects that we’re working on, but because of the action itself: that we are creating greater things, for a greater good.

And that is what I truly want my new online magazine to be about. That’s it in a fine, tight, easily described nutshell. Not about knitting, but the soulful moments it achieves. Like I’ve said before, this blog will still be free, but a wonderful and generous subscription through patreon of just $2 a month will allow me to really accomplish that mission.

If you show your support, you’ll be seeing more articles from other people about how knitting changed their perceptions of their own self worth, what it allowed them to give to other people; video clips of me interviewing you about what we can do to change some of the world’s more sinister approaches to life, patterns from people all over the globe who use their work to remind us that we give, as knitters. That’s what we do, we create giving.

So, I’m hoping you’ll join me in this endeavor. And I’m sure you’ll see there is so much more we can achieve. While the rest of the world may think it’s only a mad group of people knitting like crazy, we’ll all know that the truth in what we’re doing is much stronger.

So, come join me, and we’ll turn “MMK” into something truly exciting.


  1. Excuse an ignorant question, but how does a Patreon subscription work, in practical terms? Is it like a “standing” order from a credit card? Will it work with Paypal?
    I wish you every success with your online magazine. You’re a great writer (and I enjoyed your Starbucks story). 🙂

  2. As a fellow yarn hog, and creature maker, I might gently suggest that there is quite a demand among those afflicted with GAS (goat addiction syndrome) for knitted goatlets.

  3. And I love Patreon! You’re in very good company with one of my favorite bloggers…Midori. Your videos are great! Keep up the good work!

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