Walking Away With My Candy Cranes

The best gift I got for Christmas? Walking away…. I sure did. I had the best time ever this year. You see, the closer we got to Christmas, the angrier the world seemed to get. No matter where you turned, madness and doom seemed to permeate everything, everywhere. And I found myself falling into that mood.

Now, I adore Christmas, as do many. But, I wasn’t about to have my Christmas spoiled with this seeping sense of solemn disaster that was being dolled out by the news, social media, and your random trip outside to the store.

So, we made a decision. Stop it. Stop it now. I walked away from the world for a good week and let the world destroy itself. I wasn’t going to take part. No news, no television (ok, we watched Jeopardy, but that was pretty much it). No social media, no blogging, no internet…..I double dog dare you to try it. It wasn’t hard. It was enjoyable. I spent the time knitting up last minute orders, playing cards with Phillip, cuddling with my cat while watching my favorite old Brit-Coms, reading Calvin and Hobbes in the bathtub, and doing crossword puzzles while at my desk.

And I had the best Christmas ever. I was able to focus truly on the spirit of Christmas, and in that turn, was able to move myself into remembering the spirit of life itself. I cannot change the world, but I certainly don’t have to participate in its horrors, its rudeness, its aggression and complex psychosis. I can step back, at will, and let people beat each other up. I won’t and don’t have to be a part of that.

In my own solace I get to hold the world with a bigger embrace, a hope and a prayer that simple gestures, simple moments in life are what rise a person up. Much like a monk, I went quiet, and smiled with a great optimism, that this is not who, nor what the world truly feels itself to be. And my prayer was that the crazy dash to get a television on discount would be forgotten someday, and that the generous love of a greater source would fill the constantly emptying void we seem to be addicted to.

IMG_2434We put up our little tree, and as we discussed before, folded origami cranes as our Christmas ornaments. We put up candy canes for brightness and color.

IMG_2436And keeping with the spirit of staying simple and far from the “YOU MUST DO THIS” madness that this beautiful holiday had become, used a different sort of wrapping paper for our gifts. We live in Little Saigon in Orlando. We found the free newspaper written in Vietnamese, and with  those amazing characters, it made for a really cool wrapping paper.

Now, the New Year approaches, and I’m going to hold strong to the moments I felt this Christmas. I viewed them as a blessing. Christmas, life, is not about getting something, but about giving something. Remember those crazy old days when we were younger? When the value of someone was their approach to the world? A boy approached his manhood with not “what can I get from the world,” but rather, “what can I GIVE to the world?” No reason those days, those morals can’t return again.

So, sorry for being silent….actually, I’m not sorry 🙂 I think it was necessary. I enjoyed it, remembered much, and put into my heart and soul those greater things in life that you cannot buy for a penny in the world.

Love you all! I’ve got much more to tell you! Stay tuned! The New Year! My magazine hopes! My birthday celebration next week! And an addition to our little brood!



  1. Perfect!

    I run away at Christmas time as well so that I can participate in the season as it feels right to me. We use to make all of our gifts and that way you could put the love and the prayers in them for the receivers. Well am back to that because it is MY way. So much happier, so much more grateful.

  2. So happy for your good and wise Christmas, friend — the mental health breaks are vital to take on time before our bodies and spirits break down. I wish you and Philip and Mario and ?? a 2016 that will amaze you in every good way. Love you always …

  3. I have to admit, I was a bit concerned that I hadn’t heard from you. I know you were having some health problems, and I worry about you. Glad to hear that you disconnected and enjoyed Christmas as it’s meant to be-with loved ones. Best to you in 2016! I look forward to your future. XOX

  4. I limit my global exposure since apparently the only news is bad news. But there is the Good News Network. I have also limited my exposure to sites that show how abused animals have been rescued and living happier lives because I don’t want those images burned into my brain.
    It’s all about positive images..keep up the good-thoughts!

  5. Those times we do separate from the insanity of the world are precious. They give us the space to look at what is impacting our daily lives and to consider what we do want and what we don’t. Your Christmas tree was lovely, simplicity is refreshing. My grandparents always used newspaper to wrap Christmas gifts, wasn’t just the kids that got things wrapped in the color funny papers (comics). Hope you have a marvelous New Year.

  6. Lovely sentiments that I wholeheartedly agree with. I too had a very simple, but family oriented Christmas, the biggest joy we had was the gorgeousness of a new granddaughter as she reached 12 weeks, the sight of her first real smiles were adorable. Wishing that all your hopes come true in 2016. Hugs from the UK xx

  7. I went back to College a few years ago and was amazed at how kind, intelligent and loving those college students were. I was shocked with all the kindness and optimism. The media permeate such a negative image, we all need to step away and experience life for what it truly is! Merry Christmas!

  8. So glad you and Phillip had a good Christmas,I care for my mum so it is impossible for me to join in with the craziness. I refused to buy anything or even look on line on the Black Fridays etc. I didn’t open Facebook from Christmas Eve to today 29th. As you say I didn’t miss a thing, didn’t do all the shopping either we had a simple dinner as mum doesn’t eat much anyway. This is my plan for future celebrations. So excited about 2016 for you. All the best and lots of love. Xxxx

  9. Good for you! I was concerned because of your health problems but was hoping you were doing something like this. Your tree is beautiful! Looking forward to hearing more.

  10. I read this and it made me smile. I took a week off from work and I can’t say I completely disconnected from social media and texting (I got news that my brother got engaged a few days before x-mas so I’m glad I hadn’t). But I did stay mostly at home, watched as many Christmas shows I could and binged on Dr. Who and just relaxed and remembered those that weren’t there to share this time of year (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, etc.) and enjoyed the time with those that did (my son, his girlfriend, my grand-dog Queen).

    I hope 2016 brings you many new experiences and they bring you great joy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  11. I just wanted to point out that the newspaper that you found was not Vietnamese, it was written in Chinese; traditional Chinese, not simplified.
    Happy new year!

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