Birthday Croquet!

It’s my birthday! So I’m taking the day off! Woo hoo! And I always make a big point of being jovial and happy on my birthday. Always. To those who wince and whine on their own special day, I take note of what my grandmother used to say: “Consider the alternative and you’ll feel muchΒ  better…”

IMG_1537And maybe because it it so close to the holidays, celebrating my birthday is a great way to extend the season for just a minute longer. So, I always enjoy my birthday. Sorry for the crass pic, but I plan to have quite a bit of fun today πŸ™‚ We’ve got much to do this year, and we’re gonna start it off with the right attitude.

Today? Well, the weather is a crisp 60 degrees in Central Florida, and Phillip and I are going to while away with my favorite pastime: croquet.Β  As many of you know, croquet is my absolute favorite outdoor fun, and with weather permitting, it’s an absolute blast. So, we’re heading outside with our mallets and wickets. We’ll be taking the little camera outside to do some filming and we’ll post it later today. So stay tuned! Woo hoo!



  1. Hope you have a happy birthday, Gregory! Glad you’re taking a break to do something fun. Hope you get to eat something fun, too!

    Cheers! πŸ™‚

  2. Happy happy birthday enjoy your day and have fun happy new year too and have a great 2016. Looks like a lot of fun and awesome enjoy. πŸ˜‰

  3. Happy Birthday from another who’s birthday is right around this time. If you don’t celebrate no one will and we all need to honor ourselves at least one day a year as we look toward the next one.

  4. Yesterday was my birthday. Happy birthday to the both of us! Fyi…I live in Michigan where it’s only in the 30’s. No croquet here! hahaha

  5. Have a FAB-ulous birthday!!! Happy birthday, happy, happy BIRTH-day! This is YOUR day to have a lot of fun! Sorry…that bit of nostalgia just popped into my head! I’m probably the only one around who remembers where that’s from! lol

  6. Happy Birthday, Gregory!!!! Have a grand and glorious day!!! I like to play croquet too but have no set and no one to play with. Good for you to make your birthday a special one. All the best!

  7. Happy happy birthday. Ready your book, I remembered playing croquet with my grandfather. So great to see a picture of you playing. 🌟

  8. Happy Birthday! We’re almost twins! My birthday is January 5. So here’s to great Capricorns! So glad you had a lovely day!

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