Bacon and the Yarn Bug

So, it is something of a tradition, so to speak: knitters and cats. Who knows why? Maybe the same sort of personality that leans towards crafting with yarn also has the same leaning towards cats. I know from my own experience that my appreciation for the cat comes from a sense of selfishness. Mario and I? We stay out of each others way when we have to, cling and cuddle to each other when needed, and all the while my needles are dancing in my hand, she’s tending to her own pursuits. We love each other dearly, and she likes to have me in her eyesight….she doesn’t need my constant attention.

IMG_2463So, now that Phillip has been bitten by the yarn bug, whipping out his “Strange Friends” in crochet, we thought we’d introduce you to Bacon. Yep, that’s his name. Bacon. It’s kinda funny to watch the four of us play out. Phillip and I in opposite corners busy knitting and crocheting, and each of our familiars solidly by us. Yes, Bacon is definitely Phillip’s cat. The two of them simply adore each other. But, the funny things is watching how much Bacon adores Mario. Oh, she can’t be bothered with him. But he’ll flirt and proudly prance in front of her, she’ll swipe at him and dash off, and Bacon will just look at us with that “God, she’s hot,” look and dash after her.

That’s the new addition to this brood of fiber artists. Bacon. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Each of us tending to our own crafts quietly, our warm best buddies close by. And my favorite part of the day? Deep in the evening when we all pile into the bed to go to sleep. There’s just a lot more love in the house. A LOT more love.

IMG_2465And since I was taking a picture of Bacon, I went hunting down Mario so I could take a picture of her. Funny. She’s such the ninja. Constantly camouflaged, or hidden deep in a corner. Disregard the messy bed! It was in the 40’s last night, we had every blanket we had on us, including a very special quilt sent to us by Janice….but by morning, we were burning up and everything had been tossed to the side 🙂

Be sure to check out Phillip’s “Special Friends.” oh! And my goal this year is to sell 1,000 copies of “Will Knit For Food” in 12 months. Lofty? Mercy…. But, it is a really great book and the price has been reduced to $19.95. That’s 600 pages of a good read. I’d like to see it become part of the big books of knitting. I’m proud of that book and I love the response and comments I’ve gotten about it. So, if you haven’t snagged a copy, be sure to!




  1. I also have a few furry companions. Two puppies and two kitties that I love and adore more than words can express. The dogs are needy but nothing compared to the cats! Whenever I have one of my projects out (Crocheting, Quilting, Coloring, etc) is when the cats seem to want to play or cuddle. I end up having a little, four legged fluff ball in the middle of my project, looking up at me with those little, innocent eyes saying “love me or I will scratch your eyes out!”

  2. My happy hounds are always ‘helping’ me out with my knitting – and also so that I have to rewind a few balls/skeins/cakes now and then. I’m starting to learn to never ever leave any yarn below 1½ m, when I’m not at home or suffer the consequences. I have big plastic boxes for my stash and I just must be a tidy girl and put everything away or it ends up in the ‘baby’ girl’s jaws of destruction. So far there has been no frogging though, thankfully. You can tell that I’m way better at hiding my knittings than my new yarn. Still – even if they sometimes mess things up, they are great knitting company and my best friends!

  3. Knitting and cats, isn’t it the truth! My tortoiseshell cat Candace tolerates the knitting but often gives me this look as if to say, “That’s enough, time for me.” Our other cat steals sock yarn. She doesn’t bother any other yarn but loves sock yarn. So, that is kept under wraps now.

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