Casting on, Thanks to Morrissey

The New Year has much to offer, and I’m one of those rare fellows that believes that today is the official last day of our holiday love. Epiphany. Or Three Kings Day. The tree came down, the little cranes we folded were placed aside (to be sent in any future boxes that get shipped out, to promote an idea of simple peace), and life goes back to normal.

I’m looking forward to the New Year. I have a lot of goals to achieve. Life can get hard sometimes, but I promise you, that if you stick to your faith, to your hope, stay close to those that love you and place good goals in your path everyday, you’ll do fine. The intention to live is much better than the actual goal itself. Those who face life sour will, in fact, face a sour life. (That was me just now…not Confucius.)

vlcsnap-2016-01-06-17h42m23s506I’m really feeling like this could be the year we make progress. I really do. I think we can do wonderful things this year. And that all begins tomorrow. Before we officially put the holiday season to rest, I’ll treat you with a video we promised. Birthday croquet, courtesy of Morrissey. It’s silly and frightful, but have fun. Click here to watch.

Tomorrow? Casting on….And don’t forget to snag my book!




    1. grandpa’s rules. Figure 8, not diamond shape. Couple of cocktails (Place yours down where you finish it, when you finish it, on the course, but never EVER in front of a wicket. Should someone knock over your empty glass, they have to go back to the previous wicket). One point for every wicket you pass through, and another for every other opponent’s ball you hit. Oh! and if you come in last, you buy the next round of beer and have to carry around the croquet carry case for the rest of the day.

      1. I just found you on a knitting site on FB. I am loving your writing, your thoughts and positive way you see things. Thanks for the conversations.


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