Not Revelation, But Remembrance

And I wait each morning for that splash of brilliance that shines right through this front window of mine onto my face, onto my soul. It is neither shrilling, nor blinding. It is instead, a quiet hum of light in rays that lay their light on hope. Every morning, each day, the light comes to remind me that darkness is only momentary, and blessed is he who remembers to hold the light in his hands, to feel its warmth, and remember that when darkness passes, life giving light will return.

When life has moments of brightness and brilliance, do your best to hold onto them, catalog them for later. When darkness comes to take it’s heavy stead, hold close, remain firm, and wait for the light to come again….For, as a promise never broken, the arming, warming light will return again.

You can get through life when you remember daily that bad things will slip past, just as easily as good things will. Its like having this one wonderful piece of knitting that you’ve worked on. And somewhere in the beginning you found a mistake….the rest of the piece is lovely, but not matter what you do, you keep focusing on that one mistake that makes your work, imperfect. As though life were constantly lived like that. The great amount of beauty that pervades you is shut down hard and fast by focusing always on that one simple, frail mistake. And the beauty of the piece? The beauty is that it is recognizable by anyone who sees it as genuine. And again, much like life, purposely imperfect to remind of how our focus seems to naturally shift towards the mistakes in the beginning, never ever fulling taking pride in how much better the knitting got with time, how fewer mistakes there were, and how that one mistake in your stitches never really amounted to much anyway.

Over the last few days I’ve been remembering things that were revealed to me at a time when I needed them. And that is this: I am a coward if I wallow and fall apart when I am handed my fair share of life’s misgivings, and that I am ungrateful when I don’t gleefully smile and relish when blessings are loved upon me.

Loved upon me.

IMG_2524What great phrase. Makes me sit back for a second and think of all the things loved upon me. These hands that can spin out a teddy bear, this heart that can deeply connect with others, that morning sunbeam through the window, this cat in my lap, that wonderful husband of mine outside growing us tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggplant for extra food, and each and every one of you that comes here to share your life with me. Blessings are an act of destiny, or God. But, acts of love, gestures of love, reminders of love, they all come from basic human connection. What great beauty is revealed when I remember how loved upon I am.

….how we all are.

We’ll do fine. All of us. Like the promise of the morning sun reminds, we’ll do fine.

I promise.

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  1. Needed this, so thank you. I’ve designated 2016 as The Year of the Friend, and my heart is ready to reconnect. Recovering from an accident that’s bogging down the timetable, but the intention feels compelling. I’m so happy for all the blessings in your world! And you’ve been a blessing in mine from day one. ❤

  2. Beautifully written post ~ just what I needed at this moment in my life. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us!

  3. Thank you for this. Love your blog and your style of writing. I wish I could put my feeling in words as well as you do.
    Your words are very uplifting and gives me a lot to think about, like being thankful for small blessings in my life.
    I am glad for your positive attitude and success in moving foward. I feel that I have someone new to knit with while enjoying my morning coffee.

  4. You write so beautifully. I hope an established publisher will see some of your work and want to publish it. It is worthy.

  5. Your eloquence is touching, inspiring, and a joy to behold. Thank you for your wisdom, and your courage to share your journey.

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