Bound Together in Stitches

Phillip and I were talking today about relationships….and how they sometimes end.

Money can be a great test in how much stress a relationship can handle. And Lord knows, we’ve had our fair share of testing. But, we’re still together, doing what we can to keep afloat. We don’t get snitty, we don’t start casting blame, we don’t push each other into a corner and cage each other like animals. We remember and consider with high regard that a good relationship, with the one you truly adore, can handle times of burden. And our’s seems to have done very well.

I was so proud of him yesterday. He had an “audition,” so to speak. He was invited to a chef’s restaurant to prove his skills. He did well, came home employed. I was so proud. But, more so, because of his intentions. He spent the better part of a week pounding the pavement, looking for work. And when he was told he was employed, he came in exceedingly happy, took a shower, got a quick bite to eat, then got back to work on his Strange Friends. Anything and everything he can do to keep us going, he’s willing to do. He’s much like myself in that respect. We don’t crumble. We face it, we battle it, we prove we can handle it. And life is so much easier to handle with someone on your side.

While we were having this conversation today I noticed that I was knitting my bears, and he was crocheting his Strange Friends, and that the stitches we worked up showed a pivotal truth: we were bound to each other by our good intentions, by our need to help the other. And we laughed and said, “We’ll probably miss these days soon….” Oh, what future we may be so honored to have, as to recall when we were flat broke and in love 🙂

We are each blessed with a relationship that can handle hard times. I’m so grateful for that. So many relationships fall apart because of money. But, our’s seems to be built on a common desire to lift each other up when things fall flat, not blame each other for the misfortune we face. We own our truths, we accept our faults….

Reach now for your loved one and give them a hug, reach for the one that has stood by you and fought with you, and laughed with you, and say nothing. Just be mindful of how hard it is to keep a love going….and that they are still there with you. Then pick up your knitting, or your crochet, and pray as you work up your project, that every stitch you work up brings you closer to them.

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  1. Gregory, I love reading about your adventures and I’m so glad that you and Phillip have found each other. All the best to you, too. Hoping to be able to send a little more love your way soon. BTW, once I no longer have two broken feet and can get to the PO perhaps I can mail you guys some yarn? Let’s talk offline…

  2. Very well said! And congrats to Phillip for landing a job in a kitchen! Estaging can be hard work, but sounds like he did well and earned the position. Keep using those needles – it does help with the knife skills.

  3. I completely agree with your perspective here. I am in a 37 year marriage and treasure each day and, yes, we have had some really stressful times which in retrospect we wonder how we survived. All I can say is, it’s all worth the effort.

  4. Gregory, as always…thank you for your wisdom, your insight, your inspiration, and most of all, your generosity in making us all part of your journey. Blessings to you and your Love.

  5. Congratulations Phillip, Bravo !!! Your latest post moved me so much, Gregory. I am going give a hug to Maria right now, as grumpy to each other we end up sometimes, it is also true that we too end up at evening on the couch, I doing my hopeless vases, she doing heR cute crocheted succulents.

    You deserve a treat.

    Have a great weekend


  6. I am so glad that Phillip, you, Mario, and Bacon are doing better. The four of you are truly blessed for you have each other and that’s more than some have. All the riches in the world can’t buy that. Hurray for Phillip’s new job! I’m proud of you both. 🙂

  7. Last week I had a major fibromyalgia flare lasting five dsys.Phillip’s Strange Friend came in the middle of it. It made me happy. Thank you.

  8. I think the more we struggle, the sweeter the love can be with the right person. My husband and I have made it through many hard times, both financial and otherwise, and it has given us the strongest bond together….44 years. I commend you both, as it does take work…but, so well worth it!! Hang in there!!

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