On the Wings of a Paper Crane

And with palm outstretched, I hand over a paper crane.

With every book I’ve mailed out recently, I’ve tucked in a simple origami paper crane. I make sure it’s tucked somewhere in the back of the book, towards the end. There’s a deep amount of symbolism in that. You see, when you read the first part of the book, you see the catalogs of a man who resisted love, who was egocentric, a man who was ready to take on life and make it his…..and towards the end you see that dimness grow. You see peace develop. You see through the writings of loss how much was gained, how the yearning of material items did me no good.

You see, having none of those things brought to the surface everything I had all along: love. And love is where life begins, where creation is truly born. You will do nothing of benefit in this life if you do not love, create, share. The moment I lost everything, is where my real life began. Because love was all I could offer. Peace was all I could afford.

Had I not picked up these needles and knit up a teddy bear, I’m not sure I would have found that place in my soul where the marksmanship of a man is measured not by what he can destroy, but by what he can create.

The paper crane represents a moment of peace handed over. My book is printed and bound and given to anyone, but I wanted you to have the paper crane as a reminder that I am here with you. That with these hands, I hand over peace, and an acknowledgement of how much you mean to me, that you would know in the folded corners of a simple piece of paper, that I was thinking of you and how beautiful you’ve made my life, that my life is better because of you. The paper crane is a testament that should you need me, I am here, that I in no way would have found such immeasurable love and joy had it not been for my knitting, and my discussions on knitting….and that you recognized that.

I found a real purpose in life through knitting, and writing. I found an attachment to the world through the use of something good. I was given a chance at redemption by putting into the world whatever these hands could create for good, for the better of us all.

So, when you open your book, be sure to look for the paper crane. Do with it what you will, but I have a feeling, you’ll pass on something of a kindness to someone who needs to remember that life is beautifully shrouded in poison for a reason: so that we remember that simple gestures are the antidotes to our problems. Pass on the paper crane to someone you need to share a moment of peace with.

IMG_2370And to all of you who felt Valentine’s Day came and went without someone remarking on their love for you, I spent the day folding up paper cranes, and with palm outstretched, I wanted to remind you, that you are always in my heart.

Be sure to order an autographed copy of my book, “Will Knit For Food.” I promise that you will look at the possibilities of knitting in a completely new way.

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  1. Thank you. Bless you, Philip and the kitties. As you are here for us as we are here for you. You mean a lot to us. You are family. Thank you again and again!!!

  2. You GIVE much more than you know, my dear friend. And for that, I thank you! Besides, who ELSE appreciates my quilts the way YOU do!

    You are an inspiration and the cool thing about THAT is…you don’t realize it. If that makes any sense. You’re not TRYING to be, you just ARE.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to the whole gang at your house, from the whole gang at my house!

    We send our love…..

    Janice, Nicky Elmo, Zman, Kiki Marie, and BooBoo

  3. This is so sweet. What a nice surprise to find your post on this special day. There is much love all around us,if we look and notice it. Your writings fill the room with such feelings.
    Happy Valentines Day from my family to yours.
    Feel the joy!

  4. This post is so beautifully written that it brought a tear to my eye. Yes, you’ve finally figured out that life is all about give and take. The more we give, the more we receive and it’s through that giving that we can find real peace ….. and love. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  5. I love the crane idea. So beautiful in thought and deed. I spent Cupid’s day alone. The echo of the silence was way too loud. You, my friend, are blessed in so many ways. The best way to pay homage to those blessings is to take care of YOU, for Phillip, Mario, and Bacon’s sake, for they would all be lost without you. Hope your Valentine’s Day was everything you could wish for.


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