Some Great Rewards

IMG_2565I’ve been reading Andrew Weil’s book, “Spontaneous Healing.” Found it at the thrift store some time back and decided to give it a go. You know, it’s filled with the usual things you’re likely to read, things we already know, but somehow need to be reminded of every time a new book comes out. Want to be healthy? Eat right and exercise. Pretty damned simple, right?

However, there was one addition to this book that I thought remarkable. The advice? Put out flowers and potted plants where you can see them.

I kinda laughed when I read that…..but, then I thought about it. Dr. Weil just might be on to something. I bought this little plant a few days ago and set it on my desk….and you know what? I can’t for the life of me imagine it being gone. I see now why he advised having flowers around. They remind of nature, of life, of vibrancy, and of beauty readily seen out of the corner of your eye.

My mood has shifted since this little plant has been on my desk. I seem to smile more while I’m knitting (and you can see my work on my desk in the photo. Telling photo, really. Lot’s of knitting and the books I’m reading).

Now, do I actually think that plant is healing me? Not in the traditional sense, no. But, it’s the simple action of bringing life into my existence that makes me feel better. Shred the crap out. Do it now. Put a potted plant in it’s place. Trust me, you’ll feel better looking at that flowering bulb, rather than a constant news report reminding us all of how horrid the world is.

Little things. Little things bring some great rewards. That little plant won’t heal me, but it sure as hell will make my quality of life better. And the better my mood, the better my chances are.

You know what else perked my mood? My book getting chosen for a book club! Lisa, owner of Darn Yarn Needles and Threads contacted me a couple of weeks ago and said she had a book club in her yarn shop and was interested in having my book as the next month’s selection. She ordered 10 copies. WOO HOO! And all 10 were sent autographed and with my little paper cranes folded and tucked inside. Then Lisa sent me a wonderful review of my book that she posted on her store’s blog. What WONDERFUL things she said about my book! Truly one of the nicest reviews I’ve seen about my book. Truly loved it. That perked this scrawny, drawn face into a nice big toothy grin. Check out what she read here, and be sure to give her shop a look. To think, my book in a book club…..That does change your mood beautifully. 🙂

This is one of those days I want to remember and hold. I felt better today than I have in a long while. These are the days that will help me when some of the days get darker. This is one of those days I’ll be able to close my eyes and recall when things go sour. I got best wishes from all of you, a potted plant, and a nice review about my book. Truly great rewards.

Listening to Stevie Wonder’s “As”….and I just can’t help repeat that one line, “Did you know you’re loved by somebody?”

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  1. I think your mental health makes SUCH a difference on your overall health. 🙂 How can you not smile at the plant? It’s lovely and .. As you said. The little things.

    ❤ Hugs Best wishes to you.

  2. Definitely agree that plants (even those without flowers) help – I’ve had depression for a long time, but have slowly filled some of my windowsills with plants. And they have helped me feel better.
    Hugs and best wishes.

  3. What good news to have more people appreciate your book while sitting around knitting and talking about it. Pretty cool. Plants add oxygen to the air and color, and so much more. Glad you made it a good day.

  4. I love my plants. I have taken a liking to little succulent plants lately, you know, like a cactus but no thorns 😉 The only name I can remember for one is “string of pearls.” I transferred one to a bigger pot and I just love to feel the dirt in my hands. The dirt that nurtures and gives life to my little plants. Good for the soul. I keep a rosemary plant inside, too. I scrunch the plant and just breathe deeply into my hands. Love that smell!

  5. Not sure what your health issue is…..but don’t wait too long in seeking medical help. If you don’t have insurance go to the ER of any hospital.
    Remember what happened to Steve Jobs.
    Best wishes!

  6. Great post as ever, Gregory, the best way for me to start a new day, thank you.

    It was very nice to chat a bit yesterday, video calls have the power to bring you into your friends’ home, not intrusively, just in a “being together” way. Hope to repeat soon.

    Lots of projects and things going on here, as I told you yesterday, first of all the visit to my parents coming weekend. It will give mixed feelings as usual, but that’s how it is and I cannot change it.

    There are things that are better said in writing, not to spoil the nice time of chatting together. In case you and Phillip needed something for your monthly rent: just whistle, right ?

    First step for being well is having a mind empty of burdens and heavy thoughts, and here I can provide my humble contribution.

    Big big hugs to you and Phillip, I really liked his paintings, is he going to put them on some webpage ?

    Have a nice day


  7. Hugs Gregory! You are loved by so many, never forget that! Prayers will be said for both of you and hugs will be sent daily, mentally. Here’s a little thing to cheer you up, I’m getting married! I haven’t really told many people. By the time I get married I will be almost three years out from my husbands death. I have met a wonderful man that is good to my daughter and I and I am HAPPY!!! He is away right now on a mission trip to Africa. Imagine that! They will be building houses and preaching the gospel and helping those who need help. He is like me in that respect, generous to those in need. I hope my little bit of news cheers you today! Flo

  8. If you decide to add another low-maintenance plant, you might try an orchid. I’ve had really good luck with mine in spite of the cat.

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