Soft as Marshmallow

IMG_2601I was blessed with this amazing box of yarn a few days ago. A sweet, wonderful soul donated a ton of some top notch yarn. My little cubbie stash is really starting to look professional. 🙂


IMG_2600Needing to gather funds, I set down to whip up one of the hand dyed, hand spun skeins and came up with this adorable bear, who is not quite lavender, not quite grey, but SOFT as a marshmallow. Really good stuff.


IMG_2596Now, the next bear isn’t quite done yet, because I’m waiting for some Polyfil to arrive today. So, as soon as it gets here, I’ll stuff him up and send him in the mail. But, since we need to get these funds gathered quite fast, I decided to go ahead and list him, since he is practically done. He’s made out of a really nice, varigated acrylic.

So, if you like either one of these bears, just click on the pic. Hopefully these two fellas with have homes today.

If you appreciate this blog and would like for it continue, please donate. Every single bit helps.




  1. Hey Gregory. Notice how the little blue guy looks like a seal pup No ears but the extra yarn around him looks like a body and tail. Maybe you could start making a bunch of new friends?……

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