And Hope Grows a Garden….

In an effort to finish getting rent paid, I worked up a couple of bears with some yarn that had been donated to me. I know I have some outstanding orders, but I still need to have funds coming in to pay off my monthly bills, plus my tax bill. But, don’t worry. As long as I’m knitting, we’ll survive another month. And as long as we survive another month, everyone’s bears will get to them in time. I’m sorry I’m late with some of them, but my energy level isn’t what it once was. (Hence why I’m trying to push my written stuff as much as possible). But, I’m still working hard on this end.

foefrontSo, If I get these new bears new homes and sell 20 copies of the re-issue of my first book, “FOE,” we’ll be ok. And hopefully, the sooner the better (it’s already the 4th of the month).

I’m sorry I’m not as eloquent as I usually am with this blog. I’m a little tired today. I stayed up waiting for Phillip to come home from work so I could spend some time with him, but I still ended up waking at my usual time.

So, my brain is a little off today. And a little stressed. But, somehow stress has become a constant in our lives. But, it does not drain us too much. We keep our heads high, knowing this situation of ours isn’t forever, just for now. One day we will have our little one room house in the quiet of the country, feed off the land.

IMG_2606As a matter of fact, I should show you some pictures I took of Phillip’s garden. See, in order to save money, we’ve been growing some of our own food in the strip of grass next to our apartment building. He grew the garden in pickle buckets Phillip snagged from work, for we didn’t want to harm the property, and so they could be moved if someone objected.

IMG_2607So far, we’ve had cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, onions. A few squash are starting to grow, and an eggplant is starting to peek out of it’s bloom.

IMG_2611The other day, I grabbed a few of those tomatoes and made a homemade chunky marinara complete with fresh basil. All grown for free. Well, the seeds were bought at the dollar store, 4 packs for a dollar, which is pretty close to free.

So, yes, we do look forward to when we’re no longer financially strapped, resting in the tall grass of a quiet place away from the aggression of mankind that we’re just not fond of. But, this is where we are now, this is our current situation and we make the most of it by staying optimistic and enjoying our hopes for the future not as if a dream, but as a solid plan.

We see a lot of hope in our future in that little garden.

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  1. That’s a sweet little garden. I really want to get some stuff planted this year. It would be nice if you were able to get chickens, get some eggs 🙂 I love mine girls to bits. Your blog is still really good, I enjoy reading it. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful garden and your sauce rocks! And it brings comfort to grow your own food. I find it very peaceful. It will be May up here in Central NYS before I can
    put out any veggie plants. Gotta start those seeds. You two have inspired me!


  3. Wonderful little garden of hope! It doesn’t take much space, doesn’t impact the earth, and the rewards are in the good eating!

  4. nothing beats fresh home grown veggys, sweated over worried over, watched and neglected, all works but the taste is so much better with just picked. Sleep is important I hope you can get yours where you want it and not where it seems to be and rest as well as work. We love you and wish you well.

  5. I just planted my veggie seeds yesterday! I live up in SoDak so had to wait until our last frost (at lease I hope we’ve had our last frost) Tomatoes, Corn, Carrots, Herbs, Beets, Beans….I can’t wait till they start to pop their lil’ heads out. There is something about Spring…Sunshine, warm breeze, birds chirping, leaves on the trees starting to unfurl their new leaves, that makes me smile. Not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. Love your blog Patrick!! I could be having one of “those days” but after reading one of your blogs, it lets me put the big picture in perspective, Thank you.

  6. Hi Gregory, I have been following your story for some time now. You and Phillip sound amazing together, and congratulations on your upcoming equinoctal nuptials. I just wanted to suggest that you may want to save some of the seeds from your lovely crop of vegetables, to save you more money next year. Tomatoes are easy to do, as are squashes, beans, peas, etc. Have lots of fun in your little haven of green and keep your spirits up and your hope flowing.

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