Life is Better With a Dream

I just wanted to take a moment before settling in this Saturday night. Yes, it’s just shy of 6:30pm, but we’re headed to settle. I’ve had a long bath, in my pajamas, we’re going to watch a film, nibble on our famous tortizzas (that’s a great blog, you should read that one), and dream before a televised screen of greater things to come. Last Saturday we watched “A Room With a View,” (hey, it’s Spring, it’s E.M. Forster time), and decided we would name our little place in the country, should we ever get it, “Honeychurch.”

Can you not see me, knitting against a crepe myrtle, down wind of jasmine, shaded by a light pink bougainvillea, the thick grass and wild weeds as my cushion; the dampened air alight with the sun, bees swarm through the early buds of spring, shy to those glare upon them; winged things dance atop the sharp blades of stems, and you steady your gaze, asking, “Is that a pixie?” Strolling out of the thick brush comes Mario, languidly sliding through the grass as the little leopard she is, to rest beside me. I sit down my needles, soften my eyes, pull my ball cap down, my hands then rest on chest, as I feel the warm of the air, smell the fragrant hint of citrus blooms, and hear the rustle of a busy oak in the distance, bowing down, saluting up, bustling in his stand against the wind. And I fall asleep, I fall away….

Yes, I see myself there. 🙂

But, as I started this blog, I wanted to take a moment before settling in to thank you for that dream. You’ve all been so kind to Phillip and me. I don’t think I would have that dream were it not because of you. You give me hope that one day I’ll be there, I’ll make it. You give my dream the depth and possibility that I never would have thought possible. So, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to dream, to hope for better things. You’ve been so kind and I am so grateful. You’ve all been so supportive of me. And who would have thought these little words I type quickly across a screen would have brought so much joy? So many connections, so many new friends, so many well wishes, and hopes for health….So many beautiful lives in my life. Who knew that’s what I would have been blessed with? So many beautiful lives in my life.

We’ll get to Honeychurch one day. We will. Because we have a dream, you, Phillip, me, (all of us!) and a dream is but the birth of visualized hope.

Thank you, again, all of you for the dream. 🙂 Life is better with a dream.


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  1. One of my dreams is the English language being used properly again. You just used it when you wrote ‘to Philip and me’ in this blog. There is hope…..Glad you’re feeling better. Continue on that path.

  2. Good evening, Gregory…
    It’s strange how sometimes our thoughts and feelings seem to be connected across time and space to others we have never even met. For the last several days I’ve been dreaming of the house/home/space I always expected to have, but in 62 years have yet to realize. Just this morning I decided to put my thoughts on “paper” and describe in written words this dream/memory I seem to still hold dear. What materialized as I wrote was a description of a space that was filled with all things that delight and awaken the senses and open the heart – light, sounds, scent, texture, color, movement. Much as your description of Honeychurch is rich with all the things that delight your senses and open your heart. My prayers go out to God and the Universe that you will one day live your life with your beloved in a place that is so rich in love that all of your dreams of what and how that space will be are realized. Thank you for including us so generously in your journey.

  3. Putting dreams in writing helps bring about there fulfilment. Visualisation is a great help. One day …………. not too far off. Hope the wedding plans are on track.

  4. Lovely. Just lovely. The place you describe could be heaven or it could be your own backyard because you have opened your heart, mind, eyes and ears to see it. I love that line from “Field of Dreams”, “Is this heaven?” “No, it’s Iowa.” ” I could have sworn it was heaven.”

  5. There’s many baby steps I’ve taken along the lonely road back.I had to learn to BELIEVE before I could begin to HOPE. Once I got past those wobbly baby steps, I realized that HOPE breeds DREAMS. And once I had learned again to have DREAMS, then any thing IS possible. Welcome, my friend. May all your dreams come true! 🙂

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