A Squadron of Knitters and Readers

foefrontI guess one of the best ways that I can always be pushing forward, to find some safety, to build a dream, that I can help my little family, is to always be promoting my books. We sold a good ten copies of “FOE” coming out of the great. I find that respectable. Of course, The New York Times isn’t going to be taking a look at me anytime soon, but that’s fine. In this new world of online media and grass roots efforts, we don’t need the big guys to approve of the little guys like me anymore. We just build our little squadrons of loyal readers until someone up in the mainstream building takes a peek down and asks, “Who is that guy?” So, while working hard on some much delayed bears, I focus my attention now on promoting my books, while I get caught up, then I can go back to knitting up new bears to be adopted and loved.

willknitcoversmallI really like these two books of mine. I really do. I think it’s some of my best writing. I have to say I’m proud of both “Foe” and “Will Knit For Food,” because I think it’s beautifully written and painfully honest. It’s as if I wrote those books with only one person in mind to read them: myself. I have a lot to learn, and I love watching the path of life turn, tumble, then level, and that, I feel, is what my writing is all about. A catalog of emotions and events that are recorded, then sent back to anyone whom might wish to follow.

I’ve put my books on sale so we can get a little more 10 sold before the end of the month. I think a million copies would be delightful :), but I think the fact the are being read is what gives me greater pleasure. Cheers! Read on!

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  1. I am in the UK too and would much rather the money went to you than the Post Office and customs etc. Did you ever manage to set up an arrangement for distributing in the EU?

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