Because My Dreams Are Worth It

IMG_2659I can’t imagine what they’ll get from me. My yarn stash? My second hand books? Second hand clothes? I told you this was serious. THIS is why I’m pushing so hard. You can dream all you want, but reality needs tending to.  THIS is why I was so passionate about my blog last night. THIS is why I need to win, to push ahead, to do well. If you really REALLY support this blog, you can grab a t-shirt, a book, a bear. Otherwise, we’re screwed. Funny, all that money…..I’m going to keep fighting, though. Pushing harder and harder, knitting until my fingers are numb, and writing until my words sound dumb. And do you wanna know why? Because my dreams are worth it.

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  1. Hi – I read your blogs and support you and your efforts to use your considerable talents to earn a living. God bless you and I add my thoughts and prayers for your success. If you haven’t already tried, perhaps you could teach others how to knit and enlarge your circle via youtube, adult education or your local recreation dept. Taking knitting classes through my local recreation dept. reignited my love of knitting and crocheting which I first learned at the knee of my grandmother. Every time I knit I feel connected to my grandmother.
    Again, God bless.

  2. Have you considered contacting the lawyers that fight the IRS? They can get it seriously reduced. Have you contacted IRS for a reduced payment or payment plan? If you have not filed for the years they claim you owe, get those returns done and filed asap. This will stop some of the fees, and maybe determine they owe you more money. Just some ideas that have helped my friends in a similar situation.

  3. Gregory: It’s time to get serious about this IRS bill. CALL THEM and explain your situation. They really are helpful. How do I know? Because I owe the IRS and I talked to them. You can go to the IRS website and look into getting the bill lowered; oh, yes, that can happen too. You have to take the bull by the horns and be proactive. Do not put your head in the sand; you can solve this and have peace. Only you can make the changes to better your life – it’s your choice.

  4. Relax. It appears that you have nothing to levy, so? Don’t worry about it, but do respond. Call them up. Write a letter. You really don’t have to fight. That is what is wearing you out, (though I thought the knitting needles in the clenched first was a cool image. I recommend that you go to Abraham-Hicks on YouTube. Type in a subject, fighting, for instance, and listen to what comes up. I think you will resonate with them.

  5. That’s just crazy… I hate that you find yourself in that situation. No country should be that insane ! Have you contacted a social worker for help ?

  6. Someone as (materially) poor as you should not even be paying taxes; where do they get that ridiculous amount from! Is there no tax-free allowanace in the US? I hope you’ll get some help in getting the bill reduced (so that any money that comes in can go on food and medical treatment rather than the IRS).

  7. Call them asap and set up a payment plan.On a side note they can’t levy it if your money isn’t in an account with your name on it. Either stash your money in your apartment or have someone else you trust put it in their account.

    P.S. Got your book in the mail today can’t wait to read it! Keep up hope!

  8. You could create patterns for Bumble bear and Elephant toys you made? Each pattern can be sold many times over.

    You are fortunate enough to be able to accept tax free donations and regular monthly payments via PP and from Patrons willing to support you and for you. Be grateful for that, others worse off than you are doing are it tough so that you two can pay your rent and eat.

    You knit 3,000 bears, you sold 3,000 bears…that’s income…the IRS wants their share…

  9. My advice is to call and set up a payment arrangement asap. I learned that the hard way after my husband died 3 years ago. I had a huge (bigger than yours) bill and they just took money from my account. When I called they were willing to work with me and put money back so I could pay my rent. It was a terrible feeling to check my balance and see it just gone, I would hate for you to ever experience that as well. I did eventually pay it off and you can too!

  10. Gregory — Please take the above comments seriously. Contact the IRS. Also, go to and read the first few pages of the instructions for the 1040 form. According to your book, you were still homeless in 2014. You’re not required to file a tax return if your gross income for the year is less than $10,500. Possibly, your gross income from knitting was that much or more; even so, the money the IRS is assessing is a guesstimate on their part until you actually file for 2014.

  11. I know it seems like an impossible amount. I know you don’t have it. I’ve been there and received those kind of letters before. I’ve followed your blog long enough and read your book and I understand why they want this money from you. Please, for you and your family’s peace of mind and your sanity, call them. If nothing more than to tell them you aren’t employed and don’t have that kind of money. I don’t care if you offer to pay $5.00 a month to them. As long as you show you are making an effort to pay them, there is nothing they can do to you. But you must show some sort of effort!! So put your big boy pants on, (just like I had to put on my big girl panties) and CALL THEM!!

    If they try to bully you into giving $50.00 or some insurmountable amount to them in payments, then turn the tables on them. If they refuse to accept any payment (including $5.00) to them, then you no longer owe the debt, because they refused your attempt to make restitution. That letter is a scare tactic. I know. It scared the crap out of me!! As for what they can seize, they can take your books and any merchandise you are currently have for sale, at most, because they might consider that goods of value. Believe me when I say they would much rather have money.

    Please, please Gregory, call them. Don’t let them buffalo you. Be honest. Tell them you are unemployed. Tell them you don’t have any money. (Do not mention Phillip’s income unless necessary.) But you must call them. PLEASE!!! I’ve been thru this before. It took me over 18 months of paying a little bit every time I made some money, to pay them, but as soon as I showed that I wanted to pay it, they quit harassing me completely. I’m not kidding. Call them please. I promise you will feel better afterwards!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

    Love & hugs,

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