Knit Your Life Story (or) Write With Needles

It’s hard not to get reflective, while you knit under the humid hues of the sunset, where the droning hum of nature is not unlike a Buddhist chant. It can be seductive, pleasurable, quietly mundane. And it was there that I put down my needles to listen, but not to the prominence of nature, but to the echo of my bamboo needles as they had brushed against each other to offer the same meditative grace.
As I knit up my teddy bears, I hear the remains of other days. I never thought in a million years that my life would have led me here, to where these hands tell the story of a life, this life, this man’s life. I knit my life story every time I knit a teddy bear. And that’s why they are always named after moments, or thoughts, or occurrences that had happened in my soul. “The Teddy Bear That Saved Me,” or, “Some Bears Get Lost,” or even better, “I’ll Be Your Bear When You Need Me.” These bears are part of who I am, where I have been, and more importantly, what I have accomplished, what I have lost, and what I have learned.

Life is better suited when you knit your life story. Everything that you craft comes from a moment in personal history. Whether it’s an item you gift (“Remember that blanket I knit for my grand baby?”) or something you rightfully, and selfishly kept to yourself (“I look DAMN good in this sweater!”). All of our creations, everything we contribute with our craft is a chapter in the fabric of life we have written. Our knitting is our autobiography, carefully stitched up and ready to share with the rest of the world.

IMG_1469Read our knitting well. We’ve got a lot to say in it. Our hopes, our disasters. Some of the best knitting has flaws in it. Like myself, and most of the best people I know. All flaws shown for everyone to read…..

So, before I close this post, tidy it up with the best editing I can do with “The Elements of Style,” I wish to remark that it now hints at 8:30, and the sun leaves wispy, diluted trails in it’s ebb. I might have been knitting teddy bears all this time and writing about it, but as a crisp breeze brings me to my senses, I’m reminded that I have been writing with needles this whole time, knitting my life story in the margins of a teddy bear.


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  1. One of the most eloquent and moving phrases I have ever read or heard: “knitting my life story in the margins of a teddy bear.”
    Thank you for that.

  2. Your words paint beautiful pictures as your needles create their own beauty and bring each bear to life. Thank you for bringing us into your world! Among the many things I do, I occasionally quilt. I have no children to pass my crafts onto, but I used to say the quilts I created will last long after I am gone. They are my legacy to those who come after me. The same holds true to the knitting and crocheting I do. There is a piece of my heart and soul in every creation. That’s why no two are ever alike. 🙂

  3. Wouldn’t miss one of your posts. And, your bears are spectacular. I’m saving up for one but it will be a month or so. We too are caught up in healthcare expenses at the moment. Keep those posts coming.

  4. Your writings are “MY Matins” meditation! You inspire me with every post you write. When my world comes “crashing down” all around me, suddenly there is a post from you, that lifts me up and makes my soul soar! I love all yur ideas. I have to try the corner to corner again. My first attempt was a dismal failure. Wish I lived right “Next door” for some “hand-on” tutoring. Wishing you continued success. Your in my prayers daily. Hugs, Tobias…Eloy, AZ

    PS Seeing that my pen name when I worked for “The Saginaw Press” when I lived in Michigan, was Tobias Corner, I REALLY must master the “Corner to Corner stitch”! “Tobias Corner”, was the first of 13 columns that I wrote/and or was responsible for each and every week for 13 years… a long time ago…Hugs, Tobias…

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