Taxing Woes

Unfortunately, I was denied a payment plan by the IRS. But, that’s ok. I’m just going to start flooding their offices with money orders of any amount I have on hand at the time. If I have $5, boom….money order sent. Next day, should I be blessed with $50, then I’ll send that, too. Everyday I have income from sales of my bears, t-shirts and books will be turned into a money order the following morning and sent off to Kansas City. I’ll force them into a payment plan. What are they going to do, refuse my money??? My hope is that before they have time to REALLY get nasty and come after me, my debt of $4400 will be so chipped away, they’ll have no choice but to back off. So, I just have to knit, write, and sell my butt off.

IMG_2662I have this little bear I worked up from the skein of yarn leftover from the last bruised bear I did. People really like him, and he does make something of a personal statement. He’s ready to ship with a signed card by me.

I better make some more coffee….

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  1. Good for you with your payment plan … it !
    I have to say again that when I see so many people complain about being out of work , you came up with your own survival plan. Chip away and IRS debt will go away.

  2. Please try searching for pro bono lawyers in your area. There is generally a site that can find them for you. Am thinking someone can take on your case with the IRS and sort out a plan for you. The answer they gave made no sense (having known folk who HAVE obtained them). Even a regular lawyer will talk to you for nothing on initial conversation. Plus, yes, if anyone accepts money the rule used to be they have entered into a payment contract with you. I like the idea of having a lawyer try on my behalf better though. Good Luck and kudos on positive attitude!!! Only way to go. ❤

    1. Susan, I agree. Find an attorney….. there must be legal aid somewhere. I have known people that have gotten payment plans, too. This is just ridiculous! And I’m not sure that they will accept those money orders. They may return them to you. I would not just do what you are suggesting. Please, please, consult an attorney…… there is free legal help out there!


  3. What’s the matter with those d*n people. You need your money to live on and pay for medical expenses. 😦
    I hope your own plan works out.

  4. Just realized I have a small treat sum left this month so I have treated myself to your book and t-shirts! 🙂 thank you and keep going. You show us all how surviving isn’t enough but living with style is so much more important! Keep on living with style and your head held high.

  5. Is there any way that you would allow anyone to contribute to paying this off (or medical treatment) without having to buy anything? I am sure I am not the only one who is interested since others must already have bought your book and a teddy bear.

  6. I owed the IRS once upon a time.. They took my refund for a few years until it was paid off. I never paid them a dime in between. They never harassed me for the money though.. I was employed though so there was some assurance they would get my refund. My tax debt was about where yours is I think. They let some people (Ahem, Al Sharpton) get away with hundreds of thousands in unpaid tax debt and harrass the little guys.. SMH!

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