Blue Bears Are Not Always Sad

So, I got up this morning with this plan in my head. 3am. No time to waste. First half of the day, work up a bear to sell to pay off my taxes, second half of the day, knit up a bear on order. I got off to a good start! And I was enjoying the quiet early morning. Imagine me in my pajamas, knitting furiously in a dimly lit room, listening to Coast to Coast AM on the radio. This episode was about a man who had recorded “Bigfoot” noises in the woods in the middle of the night. Ha! Ok, sounds hokey, but they take all of that very seriously on Coast to Coast. And you find yourself beautifully sucked in because of that. Like sitting around a campfire listening to ghost stories….

IMG_2676In the crisp new hours of the morning I whipped up this guy with yarn donated to me from the UK. Blue…..And what a great blue. It kinda shifts like denim, from lighter to dark, from here to there. There’s only, and if you’d like to have him, click here. He’s ready to ship with a signed card by me.

I’m surprisingly optimistic right now. With so much on my shoulders, I should be collapsing. But, that’s not really how I’ve dealt with things is it?

I rarely speak with my father. He wasn’t too sure of me when I was younger. I was frail, wraith-like, runty and boney. I wasn’t a strapping, strong determined man like he was. But, with what he has seen me witness, accomplish, and pursue, and just the manner in my tone, he told me recently, “Life keeps whipping you, and you barely flinch. I’m very proud of you.”

With just a hint of a smile, I said quite clearly, “Thank you. I appreciate that.” Sounds kinda cold (but it was kinda meant to).

Sometimes battling your dilemmas means battling your own emotions. Not everything requires you to drop into dramatics. Sometimes, you have to take it on the chin, vie to win, and leave your crying for another day.

So, I may feel a little blue now and then. But, I will knit my little heart out every day to build a rose colored world if I have to….

Latest on taxes: $4,301 left to go.

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  1. Gregory, you are the poster child for seeing the positive in the negative ….. you are an inspiration to me and so many others I suspect. I hope the blessings you’ve bestowed on us through your writing, is returned to you tenfold.

  2. “Life keeps whipping you, and you barely flinch. I’m very proud of you.” We’ll work a lifetime for an attaboy like that, even if we pretend it didn’t go right to the heart like an arrow. Your dad’s spot on, and I echo his words – you’re going to make it through and do it your way – with style. ❤

  3. Hi Gregory,

    inspiring and intense post as usual. Really sad you have to go through it all, and I am double sad because I do not have the means right now to let your troubles disappear with a snap of my fingers. I wish I could do that, but I cannot do more right now.

    I noticed that lately you tend to describe your Bears in a deeper way, trying to take also their soul and not just the material they are knitted with. And I love it ! So I thought, how about collecting pictures of all your beautiful Bears, all of them, which are different in colour and yarn, still all of them bearing that wonderful, sweet expression on their face, of expectancy, of capacity to bring sweetness and warmth to their receivers. How about collecting their pictures, associating each of them with few lines, about what this particular Bear reminds you, the circumstances when it was knitted, any anecdote linked to the Bear, and making up a book of it ? It could be a book for any generation, for children, looking at the pictures, and for adults, who so much need short, soothing stories on their bed night table.

    Thousand Bears, thousand stories …

    This is my idea for now, hope it helps.

    I am home right now, the cat is sleeping all round in a basket in front of me, and its light snoring and purring is very relaxing also for me.

    I wish you and Phillip a very good afternoon. Please take care, do not stress your arm too much, all right ?

    Ciao g

  4. I love seeing you chip away at the tax bill. It’s very inspiring. Keep us updated with the running tally.

  5. Although I am sad that I can never order the one off bears that you offer, I am awfully glad that I can’t. It means that people are responding and HEARING you in the truest sense. Keep fighting the good fight. My husband loves the bear I bought him for Christmas ! ❤

  6. I love your blog…it is very inspiring……….I am retired and money is tight….however…I am a handspinner and I would like to send you some handspun yarn to use for your bears if you would like to have some…..let me know…..

  7. Just a thought… my little boy has learning difficulties and his psychologist has recommended a ‘weighted’ toy for him. (To help concentrate in class he just holds it.) Just as well I am a knitter, because when I looked online, I found cheap and mass produced un-lovely stuff. I am looking at the little bear I have made for my son and I thought… maybe your bears could be weighted for children with autism and sensory issues? From what I can see 1.5kg does the job. I don’t know the rules in the US about products for children but… how wonderful would it be to have your bears made with so much joy and love helping little people with their learning. Blessings and love to you xx

  8. So true. Your post reminded me. In 2011 I had a horrific accident. Five years later I’m still in physical therapy and despite surgery with probably the top knee surgeon in the world I’ll never be able to walk up and down stairs. Right after the accident when I was in so much pain sometimes I was close to blacking out, I was reading a donated People magazine and this young man who had been in the army until a tragic accident said “just because something blows up doesn’t mean your day is over.” I tore the page out of the magazine and I still have it. It still makes me smile. After a while of terrible things happening you start go yeah ok, I’ll just get up and do what I have to do. I used to get so sad and down and upset. Now I just get up, brush myself off and get going. You kind of use up your self-pity no matter how deserved and your drama, and you know from past experience that you’ll survive somehow. And you get on with it. You are the epitome of that attitude. God bless you and Phillip.

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