Check Your Pride, Gregory

I’ve always been so proud of my accomplishments.

So many years ago I stepped out of a world of homelessness, of fear, of anger, a world of being dismissed by some, and onto the page of my own books. I leaped into the stitches of my own teddy bears.

I have come so very far.

It kinda puts the rest of life into perspective doesn’t it? Massive failures happen….and you survive. And it happens again…and still you survive. And why? Because life is always in your own hands, the spark of it, the sunrise of it, the blinding jewel of it, is always in your hands. You hold the key ingredient that you need to survive anything that comes your way: the promise and hope of life.

And with that said, I will readily admit that this knitter knows when he’s defeated. Or rather, when a man’s pride is defeated.

One must take whatever approach he can to take care of his family, then himself, then those that also need help. He can do no good if his family is suffering and shattered, and if he is burdened.

I have consistently resisted starting a Go Fund Me page. With options dwindling, I swallowed my pride and started one. But, more so, I took that pride and decided that I should not be embarrassed about wanting to make sure my family (my Phillip, my Mario, my Bacon, and all of you), were all taken care of.

There is nothing wrong with admitting that this is where the days have led us, and this is as far as we have come. There is nothing wrong with looking adversity in the face and admitting how much you can handle, how much you can’t. There is nothing wrong with accepting your situation. A foolish man would rack up more debt, wear nicer clothes than I, wrap through the city in warp speed in a car he can’t afford, and proudly announce to everyone, “I’m a big man.”

Well, this big man, albeit 6 foot and 125 pounds, came to the realization that he was better suited when he was honest about doing whatever it took to take care of those he loves. And I will do all of us no good if I’m not able to stand proud, admit my blows, dust them off and tend to what needs to be done, in whatever capacity I can.

So, I started a Go Fund Me page to help pay off the tax bill.

Should this work, we can move forward to the endeavors we started before this calamity. Set ourselves securely (but, not indulgently) in our own lives, so that we could help others.

There’s nothing I can give in return, save my unyielding promise to pay forward.







  1. I’m so glad you finally decided to do this. I will share and pass along. I only wish I were in a better financial position so that I could contribute. But who knows what tomorrow will bring? And if it brings a windfall, I will join your other contributors happily! Good luck, Gregory!

  2. Gregory, I too am proud of your accomplishments. And while I understand how difficult this step is for you, I’m glad you have taken it. As my husband once said, it’s not a handout, it’s a hand up. We all need a hand up at times, and you deserve this hand up. I received my bears on Saturday, and my niece Matilda is beyond thrilled! I will send you some pix! Your writing and your bears give me joy. You are an amazing soul. I know you can get through this. oxo

  3. Not going to talk about the running total on your GoFundMe page…instead, I’m going to say: look at all that love. Eight hours, and so much love.

    Look at it as a way for people to show how much they’ve loved your books, loved seeing your bears (even if they haven’t been able to buy one), have benefited from your friendly home-grown wisdom.

    All that love, and friendship, and support…

    Now, that’s something to be proud about, surely?

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