When The Muses Kiss Me

You make me shine. You truly make me shine.

Let’s start with the Go Fund Me campaign. I cannot believe that we have actually reached nearly half the goal of my tax fund. Isn’t that amazing? Every time I look at it, we get closer and closer to finishing that debt and being free to move forward. And nothing will ever change the way my heart sank the day they came to confiscate from my bank account what they could to settle my debt. Now I’m hoping with what I have amassed, that even they will sit back when they open the envelopes with my fat payments and go, “Wow….Impressive.”

Yes, it is impressive. And I never would have been able to slice away half off that debt, had it not been for you. So, thank you! Thank you so much!

Meanwhile, early in the morning I’ve been busy greedily writing for myself, once I put my knitting needles down for a moment. You see, for a very VERY long time, many have suggested that I write a children’s book. Who??? ME??? REALLY??? Nah, I can’t write a children’s book. I don’t wanna sound snooty, but I write a little too complex for children. (That did sound snooty, didn’t it?) And by the way, just how complex WAS that last sentence anyway, Mr. Snooty Pants?

I thought, “Ok. I’ll give it a shot. I’ll write it in my own queer and peculiar way, then go back, edit and shave it down so it will comprehensible.” Look at me, thinking as though children were droll idiots that can’t understand basic English (Well, these days they understand emojis and texts abbreviations more than English itself….but, that’s a different blog.)

Then I’m reminded of Roald Dahl. He’s pretty complex, if you asked me. And he didn’t speak down to the little one’s. Nope. He helped rise up the imagination and intellect of children in fascinating ways. Oh! And just think about how great the language of Dr. Seuss was! Absurd!

Furthermore, have you read Treasure Island? Gulliver’s Travels? These are children’s books, but beautifully written to appease the inner need of a young mind to find new worlds, to be embraced by cleverly written tales, with each chapter leaving them at bedtime yearning for more. And each of those books is respected by children because they finally got a chance to grasp imagery and adventure without being treated as…..well, a child.

Little minds are more complex than you may think. There’s no need to speak down to children, to change the language to make it more “comprehensible.” Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, if we quit talking down to children and began treating them as the little adult apprentices they are, maybe they’ll be a touch smarter, perhaps a bit more morally centered; maybe they might be inspired to create…..

IMG_2565So, I started writing a children’s book based on the journey of the first teddy bear that I knit up. I have to confess I’m having the best time with this story. I’m already on chapter 3! It has mystery, adventure, villains, and a very solid theme hooked on bravery, tenacity, and optimism, purpose, and above all, doing what you can to help others.

And so far? I wouldn’t change a word of it to make it more “comprehensible” or even more “suitable.” I’m hoping once my tax debt is cleared, I can finish it up, hand it out and see what all of you think. But, I have to say, I’m very proud of what I’ve written so far. Oh! And I’ve been doing little doodles, little drawings to place in the margins….and they’re quite cute!

I hope you all had a very safe and pleasant holiday weekend. It was rather quiet here. Phillip watching anime, me sitting knitting, and writing when the muses kiss me. All in life as it should be.





  1. That is wonderful news and I adore the idea of a teddy bear book! I’ll be in line to buy it when you publish. Hugs!

    1. I wasn’t surprised to read that you are writing a children’s book. Having followed most of your writings this past year, it seems to be a natural progression in this life of yours that you have fought so hard to change. It just seems right that you so this….good fortune!

  2. I love the idea of a children’s book based on your first teddy bear! I’ll definitely buy a copy for my boys!

  3. I’m very glad to know you understand how important it is to NOT underestimate children. My parents, bless them, always encouraged me to read just about anything I wanted. Reading expands a child’s mind. Learning new words and their meanings gives a life long gift. I can remember being faced with “Look! Run, Jane, run! See Spot. See Spot run!”, etc. in school as reading and being surprised that the other kids were having problems reading such drivel. I was grade levels ahead of all of them long before I ever got to school. It stood me in good stead. Besides, a good “children’s” book is just as rewarding in adulthood as in childhood. Winnie the Pooh, The Wind in the Willows, Peter Pan, etc. are still wonderful. Given your way with words, I expect you will produce a new classic. Looking forward to reading it.

  4. Hi Gregory, good job. I haven’t got a child but the child in me would want to read your Teddy Bear book. Have fun writing.

  5. I would love to read about the first bear, and his life. well done and good luck, I do hope you get the bill sorted, nothing so depressing as waking knowing the bill has not got any less, and nothing is as good as getting it paid, as you are now enjoying 🙂 love to Philip, mario and other fur baby whos name I am missing.

  6. Well, Mr. Snootypants, I think you’re on the right track! You are the perfect person to write a children’s book. And I believe that it will have the potential to become an enduring part of children’s literature for generations. I also think Mr. Snootypants should be a character….

  7. I’m so happy for you! I totally agree with you on how we treat our children. A friend of mine said the very same thing, and she has raised three of the best children you could ever meet. I look forward to you getting the children’s book done. I’d love to purchase it for my niece.

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