And Brightness Returns

I’m very glad summer is here. The best part of summer in Central Florida? The rainstorms in the afternoon.

Nearly every day, the sky is charred black somewhere around 3pm. Slowly, the ashen sky encroaches with a soft bellowing rumble. Flickering, sudden streaks of lightening strike at the earth. The dull grey of the atmosphere begins to permeate the air and merge with shadows once cast by the sun. Lavender bends, lilacs fold, and hibiscus blooms wither upon themselves. The closer the torrent comes, the more the aroma in the air breathes of crisp, wet air. The clouds roll over themselves, impatiently fighting to be the first to arrive on the scene. The sun’s ray do their best to impede, shrieking defiantly through the depth of the clouds here and there in momentary breaches of the storm’s authority.

And then, as the twirling tempest above broadens it’s hold on all, the rain begins to fall; tumultuous, heavy rain that doesn’t let up. Limbs of trees brace themselves, the over watered earth pools into mud, running off the land in newly created streams. Thunderous roars from above applaud the sight of burning lighting bolting  into chaotic, fervid dance.

When all is a furry of chaos, noise and a crescendo of wonder, one sudden blasts, one mad clap of brilliance brings the finale, brings the theatrics to an end.

Suddenly, the storm recoils and slips away. With one last whipping crack to demand attention, the clouds move on, the rain relents, and the thunder hushes. The sun pushes through, the heavy beams of it’s glory casting a glistening gold to all that is lush and green. And brightness returns.

I love the summer storms. They’re so dramatic and gothic. But, I’m often moved by nature to write. You’ve seen me pen blogs that call to heart the coming of spring and how it demands my creativity. Summer is just as precious. So, I look forward to those moments in my heart where I finally sit back, listen, what the natural world, the sensual world, and begin to scribble furiously what I feel, what I seen, what I’ve come to understand and know about the life that has led me here. About what has taken me down, what has lifted me high, about the pains of the flesh, but the soaring of the spirit. About how brightness returns.

I’ve been writing this children’s book during those summer storms and perhaps the story does reach deep into darker moments. But, I have to confess I’m loving that, because I think everyone has something to remember from their darker moments and that is simply this: brightness returns. 

I think in many ways I’m using this children’s book as a memoir for that darker time when I was trying to get out of homelessness, but of course, it’s told through the spectrum of the teddy bear’s reality. And I really am enjoying it. I really can’t wait to finish it and share it. Oh! And I really cannot confess that I’m toning it down in anyway, using simple speak to reach the mind of a child. I’m enjoying that, as well. For in all our truths we must remember that at some point in a child’s life, he puts down his toys and realizes severity and the importance of it, that there is a time to play, and a time to take things seriously.

Wait….did you hear that? A gravelly rumble just shuddered the earth. Time to get back to my book. (“Gravelly rumble….” I love that, gonna use it in my book to describe the voice of the lion. 🙂 )

My GoFundMe for my tax debt is nearly half way there. That darkness is nearly over….and soon, brightness will return.




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