Yarn Shields and Bamboo Swords

Deeply poised to pounce on projects, we sometimes hesitate, resist, second guess and over think. Either the project will take too long, cost too much, or heaven forbid, there’s just no ambition to do it. And that can happen. Sometimes a knitter stares at pages of patterns, stashes of yarn, and idle needles and nothing inspires. I guess you could cleverly call it “knitter’s block.” DAMMIT! What do I knit? WHAT???? Scarf? Boring….Teddy bear! Done it. Socks? Round and round and round….oh, wait (*yawn) time to turn the heal….DAMMIT! Now I have to make a SECOND sock and I just don’t feel like it (WAAAAAHHHHH!).

Finding purpose in anything you do can be difficult. Not so with knitting. And why? Because knitters are a different sort of soldier on a kinder sort of battlefield. There’s a lot of trouble in the world, and a massive amount of meanness to boot. But, when a knitter settles down to cast on the very first stitch of their project they’ve already begun to combat whatever darkness in the world has made itself shown.

DSCF2040I’ve often said that knitters were some of the kindest people you could ever meet, because most knitters give away their work. Booties, blankets, scarves and beanies all go to those in need. Knitters can turn a simple skein of yarn into an act of love, knit sentinels at the battle front to defend the helpless, shields of yarn that rise in resistance; size 8 bamboo straight needles as their swords. Hours pass and, with no rest, these knitting sentries toil stitch after stitch. Defensive lines are drawn, plans made up, attack positions put into place. They are determined to win the war, defeat darkness, and prevail with one reward: to put a smile on someone’s face. To help someone. To GIVE someone something they’ve spent so many hours on.

So, should you be a knitter, take this advice to heart. Everything you knit has value. Nothing you ever knit is worthless, especially when done for someone else. Handing over the fruits of  your craft is a blessing that should never be dismissed.

Now, if you’re a knitter out there itching for a project, don’t think of patterns and time. Think instead of someone who needs your help. Think of someone around you who’s spirit could use a dose of your yarn defense. Go grab your needles and cast on….




  1. The current project on my needles is for a needy person named Sue. She is making new friends, but sometimes feels lonely. She has a new grandson and is making him toys. So, when she is lonely and sad she turns to her knitting and her knitting friends. That needy person is ME and I am making something for myself. Your advice has been taken to heart dear friend. Hooah!

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