The Best Supporters a Knitter Could Hope For

We have made it half way through my tax debt. I got an email from GoFundMe telling me that we were officially at the half way mark for what is needed. Half! AMAZING! Now, THAT is a good feeling.

I truly do have some of the best supporters a man could ask for. And not just financially, but I lovingly feel all of your support every time I log on to this tiny little laptop and see such great concern.

So, I thank you for that and for every blessing you’ve showered me with. I have my little prayer candle I light for help, for guidance, for support. But, today, I light my prayer candle for you, in thanks, in gratitude, in hoping that all of you feel as blessed as I do, that all of you feel as much love from me as I feel from you, and that we all, in one way or another, are showing the world what goodness can achieve.

Gotta get back to knitting and writing. The tropical storm is doing a beautiful number of inspiring me.

My best!




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