Is That Knitter Dancing?

The closer I get to the end of my GoFundMe campaign, the more a sense of freedom I’ve begun to feel. The sort of freedom that makes you feel like dancing. So, why not? 🙂 Yes, you’re likely to find me dancing while knitting these last couple of days. Allow me to repeat: dancing while knitting. Phillip really should take a video of it, because it is rather funny to watch a man knit and dance at the same time. All you knitters out there? Give it a shot. Not only will you enjoy yourself, you’ll find a new appreciation for your knitting…and maybe the way you shake your booty.

My face smiles a lot more. I don’t look so bloody morose, with face heavy and drawn, walking to the grocery store in the morning with the hunchback of an oppressed man. Yes, my knitting is soaring, and orders are flying out of here. My spirit is exalted. And if anyone says prayer doesn’t work, just smile, shake your head, and whisper, “I guess we’ll see.” 🙂

And my writing has been so charged with this new taste of freedom. I love working on my new children’s book, which has been officially titled, “The Teddy Bear That Saved Me.” Could there have BEEN any other title? I like the way the book is flowing, I like the way the story is evolving, I like the way I come back to a chapter I’ve written and think to myself, “I can’t wait to see what happens next.” And I love the drawings in the margin. Not quite illustration, but more like notes. Little squiggles of teddy bears off in the corner in different poses….

IMG_1800There’s a great relationship between the little bear and a knit lion. I love hearing the lion whisper words of wisdom to the little bear….I don’t wanna give away too much, but the lessons on bravery are not what you might think.

Lionheart tossed his mane, raised his proud chin and said, “Sometimes, little bear, the bravest thing is to know when you’ve been defeated….”

Which brings me to an idea I had. I DO want to know what all of you think of my new book, but I can’t give out the first draft! So, on the 16th of June, I’m going to upload the first three chapters here on my blog, you can download, read, then tell me what you think. If you love it, tell me why. If you hate it? Well, go ahead and tell me why, but I’m gonna publish it anyway 🙂 But, I promise to take your criticism to heart.

Oh, wait….uh oh….hold on…..

…..I hear Siouxsie. Time to dance. I better grab my needles!





  1. And something that popped up on Facebook recently – a quote attributed to Juliette Lewis:
    “The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.” I can relate.

    1. actually, I don’t! But, I guess I could write one up real quick! It’s very similar to my teddy bear pattern, with just a few adjustments, like how to make the mane, how to knit the tail, smaller ears, that sort of thing. Thanks for asking!

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