Too Swift To Swat

When you put yourself into the public sphere, you’re likely to get a lot of comments from all across the spectrum of insult and praise. But, you have to expect that. You have to layer yourself with a certain amount of resilience; you cannot hold your pride, your hard work, and your creativity at the demands of others and what they want of you. If you’re going to be an artist in the modern world, you have to expect that people will not like you. As a matter of fact, they will move their days purposely to find a way to irk, rile, and stab at you with little gashes like a tiny little gnat that is too swift to swat.

There is a reason I surround myself with good people. If you bathe yourself in the harsh opinions of others, you’re likely to walk away just as dreary.

Do your best to hang on to those that truly appreciate your craft, your work. And those that don’t? Give it no mind. Pay no attention to it. Don’t spend moments thinking of a response, and don’t spend a sentence on a rebuttal. Give your time, and give your best, to those that appreciate your work.

Life will show you some greater things when you dismiss unnecessary negativity. Don’t get me wrong, bad things happen in life, and those things you can never ignore. But, social media criticism isn’t in the same league. It’s trite, not worth your time.

Be inspired by those you surround yourself, even in social media terms. Be inspired by the better comments you get, not the ones that have you staring at the screen either sad, or angry. Those people don’t want you to succeed. For whatever reason they have, they want to make sure you don’t succeed. However, they don’t succeed if you ignore them, and you empower yourself with greater influence.

I am blessed with a greater collective of kind and generous people who want to make sure I succeed. And if I get the chance to inspire in turn, then I’m a blessed man. I’m thankful that the world I have is saturated with good people. All of you. Every single one of you.







  1. Those trolls aren’t worth your time. Let them bark. At the end of the day, they will be hoarse and you will have had a lovely day, gotten some sun, enjoyed your garden, knit some bears and written a bit. Maybe some boiled peanuts? Life is good! 🙂

  2. I for one am so PROUD of you. Know you are loved by so many people and have inspired me and so many others beyond belief. When I am down and blue I look to you. You are my inspiration. I don’t knit but crochet. During those times when pain is great and negativity tries to set in I pick up my crochet hook. I am presently starting a new pattern. The unending Zinnia. With every round I think of you and your unending “Love” for all of us. I wish I was “The boy next door”. Hugs, Tobias…Eloy, AZ

  3. You are so right. Like they say, you can’t play tug of war if no one is holding the other end of the rope. Walk away; it is not your battle.

  4. A good reminder. Thank you, Gregory. We don’t need the drama that comes when miserable people can’t stand for other people not to miserable too. May your knitting needles have wings. 🙂

  5. Gregory, Just keep your faith in the Universe and the love of your peeps! You are an inspiration to all of us of perseverance and being in the Now.

  6. Gregory, I was saddened to hear of the recent violent events in your area. May all the positive examples of love and joy, such as this blog post, far outweigh the hate and anger inflicted by others. Particular blessings to the two of you, to pass along, for any of those affected to whom you are directly connected.

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