Media Blackout (With Silence and Grace)

With all of the sadness that surrounds this whole event at Pulse, Facebook is not the best place to mourn, honor, nor remember those that perished. I was so sad to see the majority of Facebook posts move quickly into blame in the strangest of ways. It’s the NRA’s fault for allowing assault rifles to be made, the fault of Congress for not having stricter gun laws, Republicans to blame for not passing those laws; Christians for pushing their racist hatred of Islam, liberals for wanting to take away our rights, liberals for being so politically correct that they can’t see the truth behind what happened. Conservatives call it a terrorist attack; liberals call it a mass shooting. And watching all these Facebook feeds you begin to see this blistering burn of lines drawn, blame thrown, arguments rising, friendships “unfriended,” and cowardly statements made in defense of a man that killed 49 people…so far.

That’s not how you grieve. And I know we’re all collectively going through the stages of denial, blame, anger, etc, but I need to grieve properly, without the poison of politics and opinion denying those victims their right to be remembered with grace and silence. So, Phillip and I are going into full media blackout. No television, no radio, no news feeds, no Facebook posts. We are withdrawing from the nonsense so we can focus on the people that were taken from us. We’re going to read books, play cribbage, play croquet, watch old movies, light a candle, offer our condolences, and allow those poor souls the respect they deserve in their passing. And I will pray. As I cook dinner, as I grab a new skein of yarn, as I stare into the bright sunlight beaming forcefully through these windows, I’ll pray that collectively, and very soon, our hearts will finally remember to embrace the simple blessings bestowed upon us daily, that good graces will drown out the shouting with humble silence; that we retain a little more decorum in such dark days.

So many of them were young, adorable, fully enjoying the pulsing rhythm of vibrant life. The best that we can offer them is to remember them, and not use them as anecdotal proof of our disgusting need to advance political agendas and declare our opinions on the matter sacred.

So! I need to get back to my knitting, my two books I’m working on, and reverence that needs to be shown to 49 beautiful lives. I want to be creative considering those 49 and not the rest of us.

See you on the 16th of June.




  1. Great idea and a awesome suggestion. Thank you, Gregory, for the compassion check. Look forward to hearing from you on the 16th. I join you in prayer and rememberence.

    Blessings of peace,


  2. Yes, this is a time for quietness and a time to mourn. You have a good attitude concerning this and I appreciate your thoughts you have shared.

  3. Well said! I’m doing my best to follow suit even though I am a political junkie. I have my opinions as to the causes but I don’t think it advances my peace of mind or the memories of those lost to beat our chests and cry “foul” in every direction. Write on and knit on!! I’m with you.

  4. I think for the first time ever, I have to disagree with you, Gregory. I don’t believe we’re using these 49 beautiful lives as “anecdotal proof of our disgusting need to advance political agendas.” I want to make it so that these people did not die in VAIN. Every time a tragedy like this happens we bring up the same conversations and the same platitudes. We have a chance to make it different EVERY single time. Let’s do it!

  5. Yes, well said and emulated. Thanks. It’s hard to know how to deal and I keep wanting to read what is happening, but it upsets me so. A story I read today talked about returning to listen to the rhythm of nature, and that there is chaos in society because we are at a disconnect with the natural environment around us. I know that won’t fix society in general, but right now I think it’ll fix me and my sore heart. To turn off, listen to the birds, I stared at a complete rainbow today while dodging hail. Just looking at bright yellow orange poppies and purple iris, somehow cleansing of all this ugliness. Ill try to listen and turn off. I was afraid it was disrespectful, as if I didn’t care, but you gave me a new way of looking at it, thanks.

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