Watched my country rip itself apart at the seams this week. And what a hellish week it has been. I guess anyone who hates America got their wish this week. Americans hate each other more than ever right now. Anger permeates the air. The beautiful aroma of swimming pools and summer rain has been replaced with the harsh smell of smoke and the heavy dust of crumble. There is a stink in the air that incites hatred, fuels personal ambition, demands the exclusion of some, the blame of others.

Phillip said to me before he went to work, “Oh, Gregory, Gregory, Gregory. PLEASE be careful. You’re an opinionated man. I don’t want to see you write something that could damage what you’ve worked for.” Because sadly, that’s the world we live in. No civil discussion….Just demands, temper tantrums, and rushing off in a pout and huff.

Well, I have to admit, Phillip’s is the only opinion of me I care for. So, I’m holding my promise to him to say nothing more on the whole mess that has within 4 days turned this country upside down.

John_Henry_Fuseli_-_The_Nightmare vlcsnap-2016-06-16-10h13m18s277 vlcsnap-2016-06-16-10h14m06s242SO! I’m a little pissy at the moment because of something more important to ME. Yes, I was sooooo happy, so ready for today. TODAY! Today is 16 June 2016. May not seem like much to many, but Phillip and I are often pursuing simple celebrations, interesting and fun ceremonies and remembrances. Two hundred years ago today, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, John Polidori and Mary Shelley all rendezvoused in Switzerland to….well, basically party their asses of. And party they did. PARTIED! Mercy…..they drank, too drugs, and acted like the contemporary rock stars they were for the time. Oh, yeah. They were pop icons for the day. But, they got so shit faced that night while a storm raged that they grew bored with reading ghost stories to stay entertained. So, they decided to come up with their own. And thanks to that night Mary Shelley wrote “Frankenstein,” and John Polidori wrote “The Vampyre” which became the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.” So! History changed two hundred years ago today, literature changed, a new genre was invented, gothic romanticism was born.

Tonight, Phillip and I are going to watch Ken Russell’s “Gothic,” which is the best depiction of that evening you could ever read or see. We’re going to make quesadillas…..(there’s no symbolism in that, just letting you know) watch the film, and appreciate a milestone in literature. Then I was going to unleash the first three chapters of my new children’s book here on the blog. I know what you’re thinking, “Dang, Gregory, how dark IS this children’s book of yours?” Not so much dark as……trying something new….and hoping it also inspires for 200 years.

So, if you’re a bibliophile, head on out (wait….21st century….) DOWNLOAD a copy of some of the best gothic literature written, or see the film, or write a little ditty of your own.

I’ll be uploading the first three chapters of my children’s book later this evening. For all you knitters out there, I think you’ll get a kick out of who the villains in the story are.

And on another note, I’m nearly finished paying the tax man. I’m at nearly $3,000. Yes, yes, yes…..Because of you, THAT dilemma won’t last 200 years.



  1. Dear Mad Man, Don’t give up hope! I know that it seems like hatred is everywhere and America is drowning in it. But that’s just the media with their own ghoulish and not very original stories. Meanwhile, the artists and creators can and Will change the world just as they did before. There is more love and acceptance for others in this country than is being reported on! Be brave, be strong, be comforted. You have many who love you and are rooting for your success!

  2. I told a friend yesterday there is so much hate around me that my heart hurts. Some days I can’t believe what people say and what they do. No longer can we discuss differences without name calling and personal attacks. Where did all the hate come from? Was it always here just lurking under the surface? Sadness….

  3. Sweetheart! You’re on fb!! Follow the pages ORLANDOSTRONG and Orlando – Westboro counter protesters. There is soooooooo much love, support and unity it makes it difficult to see the ugly. LOVE WINS!!!!

  4. I saw a great blog post the other day that reminded us that we are masters of our senses. We choose what we will pay attention to and energise, so you go with your Gothic festival for two. Enjoy and love each other… and I will ask my partner to read your post to show him how simple it can be. He works too hard and forgets to have fun. Thank you for being role models, you two. And congratulations on the children book and paying off the tax man xx

  5. Your gothic party sounded great! What a better way to celebrate the creativity of people then celebrating good lit? And please remember that the majority of the people out there are broken hearted over what happened to Orlando. Hugs and prayers to you and yours.

  6. I thought the tragedy in Orlando brought most Americans together but I do not live in Orlando. I can tell you one American is truly upset and hopes we can do much better. Hang in there!

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