My New Book is Dedicated To….

UntitledAs I finish up my children’s book, work on the cover, and put all of the necessities in their proper places, I wanted to take a moment to thank someone for their support. As I was writing the dedication, I knew there was someone I had to name. Now, I have never thanked them by name here on my blog before because I just don’t know how they would feel about their name being out and about for all the world to see. People have different feelings about that. Yes, in this selfie culture, there are some people who would prefer not to be started at 🙂 But, they have been so really wonderful and helpful to me and I felt I had to do something that would be timeless to thank them. So, I dedicated my book to them. Yes, it is one of you, but of course, you won’t know who that is until it’s released. 🙂 When Phillip found out who I was dedicating the book to (and it’s not him!), he was not at all surprised and said, “Absolutely.” So, you’ll just have to wait and see! It’ll be soon, though!

Another reason I don’t call people out on my blog, is because I truly don’t want to feel I’ve left anyone out. All of you that read and support this blog matter so much to me. So, I never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings by mentioning one person and not other. I have mentioned before, and you’ll excuse me, but I’ll mention one hundred million times more, that this sometimes harsh life of mine has found so much brightness in all of you. It’s something I will never take for granted, and something I will always boast about. Whatever blessings I may find in life are nothing compared to all of your love, support, and inspiration. I wish the world felt as much love as I do.


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