My Health Comes First

If you have followed my blog for a while, then you are firmly aware of the ongoing battle I’ve had with my teeth. I’ve been able to manage it to a degree for quite sometime. I’ve been eating softer foods, washing my mouth out after I eat, avoiding sugars, and allowing my food to come to room temperature before I eat. Hot and cold cause serious pain. Room temp seems to work ok. But, about a week ago we had our friend Mark over for a movie and nibbles. I made quesadillas. And while having a spirited talk about politics and current events, I took a bight into that simple quesadilla and started crying, spitting out my food and clutching my mouth. Here was a new kind of pain I had not experienced, a kind of pain that I have yet to be able to describe. But, I felt that my teeth had separated when I bit into it. As though I were having dental work without anesthesia.

Since then, I’ve been subjected to broth to eat. And nothing else. I have to say, it really does mess with your energy level, your ability to sleep, and your focus. I feel I’m always hungry.

IMG_2711Phillip and I went hunting for dentists, and I had happened to find one two blocks away who offered a free consultation, and free x-rays (yes, that is a copy of my x-rays). I was so shocked and so grateful. All I could do was offer a Thank You card with a folded paper crane. She explained it to me like this: my teeth are falling out of my jaw. My bone density is so bad that the roots no longer attached to the bone, but are lingering in my gums. And when they move, yes, it is like someone is taking a wrench to your teeth and twisting them. When I eat, my teeth move. But, we came up with a plan.

She referred to me to an oral surgeon in the same building. But before I go see him, I’m to have my mouth fitted with a molding so that the very same day my teeth are extracted, they’ll slide a temporary denture in so that I can at least eat solid foods. Then, when my gums have healed, a permanent set of dentures will be fitted and I’ll be as good as new. The whole process will take about 3 to 4 weeks. I will be able to eat again, and get my energy back, focus, work.

She also reminded me, that I don’t any other options now. If I don’t go ahead and have them yanked, then my quality of life will suffer, my health will suffer. It will not end well. A life lived on liquids alone will not end well. This combined with my other health issues is a disastrous combination. So, she urged me to act now.

So, Phillip and I have agreed: for the time being, screw the tax man. He’s been handed quite a bit of money for now. And if it still isn’t enough, and they still send me to jail, well then, at least I’ll be able to eat the food they serve me. My health comes first.

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  1. oh dear…sending you thoughts of healing and strength…every stitch i knit today will remind me of you…courage and love you have in abundance…and your faith will see you through ❤

  2. Just keep the tax man informed. They will understand a medical emergency and give you more time 🙂 Best wishes!

  3. Oh my goodness, Gregory, I’m so sorry it’s come to this. I say SCREW the tax man and do what is right, do what only option you have left.

    Are there any programs that will help with dental bills there, based on your income? Here we have dental services for low-income families.

    I’m sending you lots of positive healing energy and I hope this gets resolved quickly. ❤

  4. Your health definitely comes first. Your teeth have been causing you pain for far too long. Of course you can’t carry on eating just broth. I do hope the work on your teeth will start in the next few days. I am sure you will feel a great deal better once they are done.

  5. I am happy you are getting this taken care of. You will feel so much better when it is over and you are healed. More energy, focus, joy, and in last place ability to finish paying the IRS. You are in my prayers for quick healing!

  6. OMG, Gregory, i am so glad you are having dental hygiene. What a great life you will have. So sorry to hear that you had to suffer the pain but so glad your life will be so much better. Best Wishes!

  7. Yep! Your plan is excellent. Moving on this is the step in the right direction. Keep us posted, and heal fast.

  8. Big hugs! So glad that now you know what is wrong and how to get the pain to go away. You have suffered with this far too long. As long as you continue to send the tax man even so much as $5.00, there isn’t any thing they can do because you are making an effort. So don’t worry about that for now. Your health is the most important and it is vital that you get it taken care of NOW. Many hugs, prayers, and love to you and yours!


  9. My husband has TM and mouth issues. He has the same problem with his teeth falling out. He says he can fully sympathize with you.

  10. Gregory, I am so sorry you are in such pain…and I agree, the tax man will wait…(be sure to communicate with them)
    Is there a medical school near by? Here we have a dental school that will do all kinds of procedures when you have no insurance. Check that out in your area…it may be worth it.
    Praying for a quick solution

  11. Ditto what everyone has said. Also, how about drinking Ensure, Glucerna or Boost? One of those will give you more nutrition and energy than just broth. I’m not sure about the others but I know Ensure has different choices like more carbs, more protein etc. This way you can choose the nutrition/shake that best suits you. Do you have a blender? You could blend in a banana or other fruit for further nutrition. Sending all my love and healing wishes. oxo

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