Grandma Cheap Cheap

vlcsnap-2016-07-16-12h22m19s892When in pain, I demand distraction. And I often don’t have to look very far. I came across Grandma Cheap Cheap’s Youtube channel about a year ago and I was instantly drawn in. She loves vintage cooking, delivers her recipes with no solid production (just her and a camera), which makes them more authentic. She tells stories about her life while she’s cooking. You feel invited into her home, you feel warmed in the heart. And all of her videos made me feel so much better. I felt I was in the hands of care, in the presence of kindness. She had a noticeable absence from Youtube for quite some time, so when she reappeared, I had to send her a little note saying, “I’m so glad you’re back. Whenever I don’t feel well, watching your videos always makes me feel so much better.” To which she replied, “I could just hug you.” And that, I think is why I loved watching her so much. It felt like sitting on a bar stool at her kitchen counter and being taken care of, made you feel as if the pain of the world, or the pain in your heart, body and soul is always beautifully dismissed with kind actions, with cooking, with sharing a dish.

Now, she doesn’t know me from Adam, and has no idea I’m writing this post about her. But, that is what the brilliance of connection is all about. Something, or someone, so far away, can make your day brighter, if you just look for it. You don’t need grand declarations….just a simple smile and kind heart wanting to share with you.

Be sure to check out her videos. I think you’ll agree, she has a certain presence that lends itself to warmth. 🙂

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  1. “Something, or someone, so far away, can make your day brighter, if you just look for it. You don’t need grand declarations….just a simple smile and kind heart wanting to share with you.”

    You just described yourself and what your writing does for others. 🙂

  2. I try to make some one’s day a little brighter every day. Whether it is being a dork and making someone chuckle or just getting a stranger to smile, it doesn’t matter, as long as I can bring a little sunshine to their day. There are occasionally days when I could really use a little sunshine myself. Most often I find it right here in your blog, Gregory, when I can find a ray of sunshine that comes directly from your heart. You rank right up there with Grandma Cheap Cheap. 🙂

  3. I was looking for Grandma Cheap Cheap tonight because I had not heard from her all summer; when I went to her channel I found her last upload entitled, Bye Bye! She said she has a lot of things going on and thank you to everyone for supporting her. I ironically, found your blog looking for further information about her; YOU spoke the truth with such accuracy. She does have a way of welcoming you into her space, and it is simply the simplicity of her style and approach to Youtube. Her INTENT is what we are drawn to because it is pure and not motivated by greed. Just as I never met her in person nor you, I thank YOU for your honest blog about Grandma Cheap Cheap. I hope she finds this one day… will make her heart smile, I’m sure. Peace and blessings to you Sir.

  4. I just found her videos too and felt exactly the same way. Your piece described it perfectly. Watching her reminded me of sitting in my Grandmother’s kitchen and talking with her. She’s just precious and I was so sad to see the video entitled “Bye Bye” from 4 months ago apparently, in which she said she was taking a break, possibly permanently, from making future videos due to health issues. She is a light and so are you for recognizing that!

    1. Oh I do so miss her and hope HOPE that she at least does some holiday episodes. I wrote her once and said, “When I’m not feeling well, I watch your videos.” She really does have such a good soul.

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