A Bear’s Pursuit of Peace

With all the madness in the world, I thought that I would reflect more on innocence and purity. It’s hard to pull your mind out the swirl of destruction that surrounds us, but it is possible to close the eyes, silence the mind, and cling to peace. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

Needing to work up some bears to get rent paid, I was looking at my stash and noticed how much white yarn I had (not TRUE white, but a nice fluffy, creamy white). The more I looked at it, the more I thought of the presence of peace and purity…..or actually, how much those virtues are missing these days, in not only action, but in thought. Grimness seems to pervade many of us lately, suspicions of each other, sneers of disapproval. So, painfully acting out violence isn’t the only harm we experience now. Hateful thoughts also continue to scar us emotionally, as they build in the mind, seep into the spirit and become an aspect of our selves; darkness becomes a poison that slowly ebbs the beauty of life.

IMG_2740So, I decided I was going to focus more on peace, instead of darkness, and all of that plush white in my stash was going to be a friendly reminder while I’m knitting to think kinder of myself and of the world, to forgive myself and the world, to feel more compassion for myself and for the world. Now, I won’t be doing these bears made to order, but when one is finished I’ll upload them throughout the week. I’ve started with this guy, made from Cascade yarns in a superwash wool. I have two of him. So, if you’d like to take him home, click here.

I’m hoping through this process that I’ll learn something about why the world is in so much pain…..

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