A Bear’s Pursuit of Peace (Part 2)

It was a very strange week. I spent it rather quietly knitting up those white bears, pursuing in my actions some kind of meditation, some kind of answer to all the madness. And like “Eureka in the bathtub,” it smacked me upside the head. And don’t you love it when it’s so simple? I was knitting, being contemplative, trying to figure out how my actions could help obtain some peace…..Yeah, let it sit there for a moment 🙂 It’s always in the simple actions, isn’t it? But, it has to go deeper, it has to be so ingrained in your habits that you never even realize you’re doing it. Not grand, Nobel Prize winning moments, just simple actions that run through your day.

IMG_2742I finished a couple of my white bears, along with some other bears that were back ordered, spending the entire time in a detached sense of bliss, comfort, and peace. I’m no longer sitting at my desk to knit. I’m knitting other places now. If you’d like one of these little white bears, click here. If I get them sold, I’ll be able to finish up getting the rent together, and we can move through August, get this crazy summer behind us, and begin enjoying the crisp comfort of Autumn.

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