More Blue Mohair

IMG_2750I think I’ll be doing a few more blue bears. Not sure why. I have quite a lot of different blues in different hues and it would be nice to see a collection of blue bears over the next few weeks. I’m nearly finished with all of my back orders, and I’m looking forward to being free from that 🙂 I’ve been getting a lot more knitting done now that I’m knitting sat this desk all the time. Sorry for latest posts haven’t been as thought provoking as some of my other ones, but I’ve just been so focused on other things at the moment (taxes, teeth, rent, you know the drill). Anyway, this beautiful blue bear is made from Rowan’s Kid Mohair. He measures about 10″ tall from head to toe and is ready to ship with a signed card by me. He is CRAZY soft and there is only one. If you’d like to snag him, click here. Hope you’re all doing well!

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