Saturdays in a Reclining Blue

IMG_2758I’m thankful to have Phillip home today. He usually works Saturdays. But, they gave him the day off (we think the restaurant he works for is having money problems). But! We’re not dismayed. We get to spend the day together, being crafty, and using our talents to keep the income flowing. He’ll be working on some of his “Strange Friends” while we find old movies to watch on television. We have antennae TV, not as old school as having rabbit eared wires topped with tin foil, but still fun. You’ll be amazed at the crazy things you find searching through channels. Old Dr. Who’s from the 70’s, bad comedies from the 80’s. Latin soap operas with shirtless, hunky men and busty women that slap them….

Anyhow, I finished another of one of my series of blue bears. I really loved this new yarn. I’ll explain more about it later, and how I received it, and where to find it, but for the moment, I wanted to go ahead and list him as Phillip has finally crashed and taken a nap. I’m hoping he’s been sold by the time he wakes so that I can spend the rest of Saturday with him. If all goes according to plan, We’ll pay the electric, then play cards, watch the Saturday Brit-Coms on PBS, have some great pea soup I made, and recline for a while. Just the two of us on the floor in front of our antiquated television 🙂 These are the times where you look back and remember how happy you were with so much. We may not have much, but we certainly have each other.

If you’d like to snag him (the little bear, not Phillip), click here. 

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