A Little Diane Fossey in Georgetown

IMG_2777This is another quick bear using Nanostitch Lab’s yarn. Again, they don’t use traditional color wheel names for their yarn, for instance this beautiful variegated grey is called “Diane Fossey.” Made of super wash wool, measures about 12″ from head to toe, ready to ship with  a signed card by yours truly. It’s been a lovely grey Sunday, full of big bowls of tomato soup and RAIN. Lot’s of grey rain, so I was anxious to tie in this little guy with today’s mood. if you’d like to snag this bear, and he’s looking for JUST the right home, mind you, just click here.

IMG_2778Now, this guy isn’t done, but he will be tomorrow, but figured since I was blogging this evening, I’d go ahead and list him. He’s made with super wash merino wool from Neighborhood Fiber Co. in a smashing blue they call “Georgetown.” If you you’d like him, his available here. (I just looked over my shoulder and asked, “What else should I say?”) What else is there? Life has been pretty sweet this week, as you could see from my previous post. Hopefully, you’re all doing well yourselves. I promise to write more in the coming week. Peace!

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  1. Love, love, love all these colorful bears coming alive. I was sad to have missed the aqua blue and the lime green. But the lovely bright blue with his little white snout will be coming to live with me and his brother bears and a strange friend. 😀 Yay!!

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