Sayeth the Wren…

hermine-0831-1315…and the clouds roll by fast, screaming of the horrors they’re fleeing. Mad flashes of sun try to intrude, but the bountiful lashes of lightning impune. Us mortals cower at the weather, pray to whatever angel may listen for refuge. Then there, just as we gather in huddles to reconsider our temperance, the signalling song of a wren, floating along in the softening throng, wistfully sings that the storm that never was, is now over.

Damn! I really should write more!

Phillip says I should write poetry and I reply, “There are too many rules in poetry…and not enough money.”

And some people often ask why I often start my blogs with “and” and “so.” Well, because I’m already in thought when I start writing, and I start typing at the tail end of it. But, that wasn’t the point of this blog.

Hermine (was that her name?) came through and left, leaving a little puddle on my doorstep, but that’s about it. Now, I can’t speak for other places, but Orlando often jokes about it’s force field when it comes to major storms. We had a nasty one in 2005. Charlie. Beat this city up bad. It reminded us we were vulnerable, human and that nature always wins. A few weeks later, we were ready for the next one…and then another one. Now, when a storm comes through, we take it head on, for what choice do we have? When big storms come our way, we have no choice but to face them, accept them, bury ourselves in provisions and weather them out. And sometimes we realize, the storm that was coming wasn’t so terrible after all. Maybe I’ll leave this post at that. Sometimes big things come our way that scare the hell out of us. We prepare, we get ready…..and discover it wasn’t so dreadful after all. 🙂 Facing terrible situations, confronting hard times is easier when you begin to think that the storms we face are often more terrifying in our minds than they are in reality.

We’re all a lot stronger when we face the storms, rather than ignore them….

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  1. we r experiencing 2 tropical storms but in the Pacific…luckily no heavy damages, just alot of moisture and high winds over aome of the islands.

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