Sherbet Bears

IMG_2805With all of the issues surrounding my teeth, and being forced to eat soft foods, I have to confess that one the best aspects has been a new found fondness for sherbet. I have fallen in love with peach, mango, passion fruit, orange, raspberry, blueberry, and especially lime…. ALL KINDS of sherbet have eased me. Now, as I was scanning my yarn stash I found a few random skeins that were not enough to do solid bears, but definately enough yardage to work up some bears with hats and scarves all in homage to the different flavors of sherbet that have I’ve grown to fancy. With these bears sold, we’ll have our rent paid for the month and we will heave a sigh of relief….and splurge on some more sherbet. 🙂 If you’d like one of these bears, click here. They’re ready to ship with a signed card by me.

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