He Reminds Me of a Push-Pop

IMG_2809You remember those, don’t you? Those deliciously decadent cremecicle, orange push pops? That’s what this bear reminds me of. Now, I accidently ordered this color, thinking that I was ordering the color for my bear, “You’re Classic, Perfect.” Which apparently (on screen) looks vibrantly different. I should have known when the color labeled was “VIBRANT ORANGE.” But, as far as I’m concerned, accidents don’t happen without a reason. I FELL IN LOVE with that bright orange. But, it was the only skein I had, so I made this little bear.

img_2817Now, this little bear was made with the last of the mystery yarn (which I think is a superwash wool), I had in my stash. His mate was called, “A Shift in Pastels,” so I’m lovingly referring to this little guy as “ANOTHER shift in pastels. He’s a definite one of a kind. Now, I truly need to sell this two little guys as soon as possible. I know I say that often, but we have to finish paying rent. If you’d like one of them, just click on the pictures.

This is a short post. Phillip is off today, so we’re rushing to catch the bus to run some errands, then head back here to knit and crochet our little butts off.

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